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Fort Dix Suspects Go to Trial

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Last May, six  men were arrested in an attempted terrorist attack on the military base Fort Dix in Burlington County, New Jersey.  The men were arrested when they took a videotape of their weapons training to a Circuit City to convert the tape to DVD.  The tape showed the alleged terrorists shooting high-powered rifles and calling out words like “jihad” while praising Allah.  When the video was seen by a Circuit City employe, concern quickly grew, leading him to contact the Mt. Laurel, New Jersey Police Department. From there, Police alerted authorities of the tape and a full-scale investigation took place.  The FBI caught up with the suspects when they tried to purchase weapons from an FBI informant from Egypt.

On October 21, a video shown to the US District Court in Camden, New Jersey showed the plot’s leaders, Shain and Dirtan Duka, making the weapons purchase.  Later in the day the weapons were placed in front of a jury as the alleged terrorists went to trial.   The government points out the alleged terrorists as being inspired by Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda to defend Islam in the United States. The Dukas, their other brother, Eljvir, Mohamad Shnewer and Serdar Tatar are charged with conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder of soldiers at Fort Dix and could face life in prison if convicted.

The defense of the alleged terrorists is focused on the fact that a hidden camera, planted in the Dukas’ Cherry Hill residence, never talks about any sort of attack, but rather points to the guns being used for trips to the Poconos to shoot high powered weapons.  While the tape does show the crew talking about their Pocono trips, other factors are hurting the defendants.

One of the Duka brothers drew a detailed map of the base and Fred Lang, a senior investigator with the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office and an officer in the Southern New Jersey/Philadelphia Joint Terrorism Task Force, testified that he helped develop the list of weapons that Omar would offer to Dritan and Shain Duka prior to the deal.  The weapons included things like grenade launchers and RPGs, which the Dukas did not ask for when they talked to the FBI informant.  These weapons were brought to the table because Shnewer, in separate recorded conversations with the informant, said that he would like to use them during the attacks. The defense claims the other weapons were placed there to bolster the government’s investigation but, with their purchase of the weapons, the Dukas & Co. look to have too much against them.  The men could face life in prison for the attempted murder of soldiers at Fort Dix.

From the Editor’s Desk…

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To Our Faithful Audience,

Thank you again for picking up another issue of The Tower. I really think you’re in for a good one this time. I know we don’t have a free poster this time, but this one is all about election day- so get excited to Barack the vote or McCast your ballot.

We decided to endorse Barack Obama as the next president of the United States. I won’t give you all the reasoning here, but if you just tilt your gaze slightly to the right, you can find all of that good stuff out. We also have a restaurant review in this time, which we will try to get similar things like that together in the future. The idea here is that we want to give you, the readers, some information that you can use. That means next time you go out to eat, hit up thebar scene, or buy a new album, The Tower will have helped you out in some way.

If not, well what the hell, we hope you enjoyed the Bullpen. No but seriously, this is a great issue, and I personally recommend reading the entire issue at least twice. And for the love of God, go out and vote this November 4th.

Until our next installment,

Tyler Peckham

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The Tower’s weekly round-up of quirky, interesting and mildly relevant news.

Can You Guess the Story that isn’t True??
This week we slipped an extra in there that didn’t actually happen.
Find out which one it was next week.

Woman arrested for brutal digital homicide

Divorce can bring out the worst in people, but with technology, some take it to a new level of absurdity. A 43-year-old Japanese woman has been arrested for killing her virtual husband after he suddenly divorced her avatar in the online game, “Maple Story.” The game is similar to the popular “Second Life,” in which people can create their own avatars and engage in social activities, relationships, and fight against obstacles.

She had obtained his password and identification from her avatar husband when they were happily married, but then used the information to access his avatar and kill it.

She told investigators “I was suddenly divorced without a word of warning. That made me so angry.” She has been charged with illegal access onto a computer and manipulating electronic data. If convicted, she could face a fine up to $5,000 or five years in jail. Indeed, this is a bizarre story. Well as the old saying goes, it’s just a game. It should be a lesson for all avatars out there. Save the homicidal urges for a game like Grand Theft Auto.

-Gina Merlino

Man Marries Dog

Although some married men might occasionally think it (but never dare say it), a 33-year-old Indian farmer named Selvakumar can officially say that he married a bitch. The farmer was wed to a stray female dog in an effort to lift a curse that had been plaguing him for years.

The wedding was performed in a remote village in rural India, complete with a feast and festivities. The bride was dressed for the occasion as well, although she reportedly tried to flee from the large crown attending the ceremony.

The reason the couple married was not because of love at first sight, but a belief that Selvakumar could lift a curse from two dog spirits. The marriage was an effort to atone for his  killing of two dogs and then stringing them up in a tree. After performing the heinous acts, Selvakumar complained of a loss of movement, speech, and hearing. By taking his new bride, he hoped to appease the restless spirits of the dogs. Hopefully the couple will live a happy life together, but as far as the rest of married life goes, I don’t think even the comprehensive Kama Sutra can help them there.

-Tyler Peckham

Boy Scouts Try to Earn Breast Exam Merit Badge

Two 12-year-old boys proved that you are never too young to get a job done. Zach Henniford and Brian Sykes appeared on The Onion’s news network announcing that they volunteer to give women breast exams. The pre-teens, who are Boy Scouts of troop 128 in White Hall, New York, said that, in order to earn another badge, they had to complete a community service project. Well, the boys have and did a service for a number of local women, and hope to help hundreds of women examine their breasts! The youngins often have a table set up at various public spots and have a sign that says “Let us examine your breasts!” Putting the icing on the cake is the fact that they have a website to promote these services, AND they plan to do more exams in their very own basements! The boys claim the idea came to them while at a local pool. How lovely!

-Elishia Peterson

Cops Ridin’ in Style

Looks like the Italian police force got an upgrade on their patrol car. The crime fighters will now drive in style since auto brand Lamborghini donated one of its cars. According to Yahoo News, the LamborghiniGallardo supercar boasts a 560-horsepower engine and a top speed of 325 kilometers (200 miles) per hour. While chasing the bad guys, the police will look fly in the Lambo. “This car replaces the former model which used to operate in the Rome area and will now be used in the Bologna region in the north,” a Lamborghini spokeswoman said.

A Gallardo base model is not cheap. It sells for 175,200 euros, which is 220,000 American dollars! Yahoo added that the police force’s model is equipped with a mini fridge to transport donor organs and a defibrillator for use in emergencies. As if that makes it all better, the po-po’s are still riding in a Lamborghini for crying out loud!

-Elishia Peterson

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News OP/ED, Page 3

The Right Man for the Job: The Tower Endorses Barack Obama to be the Next President

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After waiting out to see what each candidate has to offer, we at the Tower have decided to endorse Barack Obama for president. As this race has played out, we have seen  what each candidate has brought to the table for the American people, and we believe that, between Barack Obama and John McCain, Obama has provided the best policy, leadership, and confidence to become the next President of the United States.

Senator John McCain has shown himself largely inept in all aspects of what will be faced in the next four years. On the economy, he has refused to back down on increased tax cuts for the wealthiest in America- including oil companies that have enjoyed record profits throughout the Bush administration. His campaign direction has been sloppy and misleading. His choice in Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate was a choice to divide America once again. Palin is increasingly unstable in her remarks, and has made a number of ill-fated attempts to brand the Democratic party as somehow un-American. Racist remarks have become commonplace at her rallies, and she has shamefully done little to quiet them.

On foreign policy, where McCain claims to be strongest, he has presented no plan to exit Iraq but, instead, only gives vague promises of “winning.” He still refuses to acknowlege the questionable circumstances of the war and, instead, argues points on whether or not ‘The Troop Surge’ is working. McCain entered the race with center-right credentials that appealed to many moderate voters and even some Democrats, but instead of sticking to his moderate positions, he has tried to redefine himself as a staunch conservative and, in the process, alienated many Americans with his reckless campaign.

In contrast, Barack Obama has proven himself to be suited for the office of President. His promise of tax breaks to the middle class are needed to restore stability and prosperity to Americans. He also has proposed a plan to guarantee health care to all Americans. This is something especially important to college graduates that will no longer qualify under their parent’s plan. Those leaving Arcadia and other institutions across America next May will face a dismal job market and economy. To expect these young men and women to pay for their own health care is simply unrealistic, but with Obama’s plan, this is one less burden for them to face. Students and the rest of America need new policies to restore our economy, and the outdated trickle-down theories of McCain will not cut it.

Obama will also lead America out of the costly war in Iraq. Not only has this war taken the lives of our soldiers, but it has strained our alliances abroad.  Obama speaks of a new American presence in the world where these alliances will be reforged. Obama’s choice of Senator Joe Biden was a decision to bring foreign policy credentials into the White House. True, Senator Obama has limited hands-on experience in foreign relations, but with Biden as an advisor, we believe his decision will be informed and in the best interest of America.

Perhaps most importantly is what Barack Obama represents for our generation. His organization of grass-roots support has energized this country in an unprecedented way. Many young people came into political awareness under the Bush administration, and we have seen what divisive presidential campaigns produce: a divided and unsettled country. Barack Obama presents a movement that gives voice to this need for change. He speaks to our generation in a way that is sincere instead of just pandering for our vote. At the Tower, we believe it is time for a new face in politics. It is time for a new era of unity and progressive reform. It is a time where our generation moves to elect a capable politician to bring reform to an outdated and out of touch Washington. And most importantly, we believe Barack Obama will do those things as President of the United States.

By the Numbers: Obama Presidential Term Seems Likely, but not Certain

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In order to win the presidency, one of the two candidates must win at least 270 votes in the Electoral College. Each state has a value in the Electoral College based on their number of elected representatives in Congress. For example, a state with two senators, and five members of the House of Representatives will receive seven votes in the Electoral College. So far Obama is leading McCain in the number of states that he has a solid majority in (259 for Obama to 152 for McCain). Neither of these numbers are great enough to win, however, and that’s where the swing states come in.

These pivotal states are where the race is still tight between the two candidates and could go either way in the election. Obama has the edge in many of these states as well, but they are by no means a sure victory. Where Obama has made impressive inroads are in states like Virginia, North Carolina, and Missouri. These states were typically well in Republican column, and few expected McCain to have to defend them this late in the race. Obama has had a significant advantage in the amount of money he can spend on Television ads in these states, and in some cases has out spent McCain eight to one.

At this point the odds are stacked against a McCain presidency, but the votes will not be in until November 4th. Until then Obama will look to increase his lead, while McCain desperately tries to close the gap.

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Tom Ferguson-

“Obama. I’d like to vote for
someone who has ideas of a
better world, however unrealistic
those plans may be.

David Abdul-Muluk-

“Obama. I’d rather vote for
someone who is at least pretending
he’s not a socialist.”

Photographs and interview
provided by Photography
Editor Ash Wise

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News OP/ED, Page 4