Why the Phillies Need to Win

In Uncategorized on October 25, 2008 at 11:30 pm

In my 21-year-old life I have, like many of you reading this, always rooted for Philly sports teams.  Growing up in New Jersey, I had a fair share of people who affiliated with New York teams, and the occasional Dallas squad (how that works, I’ll never know) around me at all times.  Still, they were outnumbered by Philly supporters and, at the same time, the classic Philly heartbreak.  Last Wednesday when the Phillies, clinched I think, as a city, Philadelphia took a collective deep breath, one of those “this is our time” kind of things.  Around here, the Keswick area had the streets flooded, while, in the city itself, Broad St. was almost impassable as fans got out to celebrate the Phils’ trip to the fall classic.

As a city, Philadelphia needs this.  Constantly lumped in as a place full of beloved franchises with no modern success to show for it.  When it comes to sports curses, the only names ever mentioned are Boston or Chicago, but the fact of the matter is Philly has always had it worse.  Sure it took the Red Sox forever to break their curse, and the Cubs are still trying, but those cities have won hosts of other championships (come on, The Pats and the Bulls), while we Philly fans have stuck by each and every team (ok so stuck by may not be the best way of putting it) just to have our hearts yanked out in the end.  Honestly, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard or said the words, “Next year is our year” or “ We showed a lot of promise, give it time”.  This time I will not say it.  The Phillies have a chance to do what needs to be done for this city and I have full confidence they will. They can take the pressure off Philadelphia, to shut up the writers, to open the flood gates of Philly sports.

Sports in general have ebb and flow about them, a karma if you will.  As much as I hate to do this, I’ll use the New England area to explain this a little more.   The Patriots come out of nowhere in 2001 , beat the St. Louis Rams, and brought a much-needed title to Boston.  They continue to be successful and in 2004 the Red Sox with, help from a former Phil with a bloody sock, break baseball’s most talked about “curse”.   The Sox are still good (who knows, they may even play the Phils — this article was written before game seven) and last year the Boston Celtics, who had very prominent year in the mid to late 80s, made huge offseason moves bringing in Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen and brought the NBA title back to the city.  What am I getting at with all this?  The Phillies could be the catalyst the city needs, It may be a stretch to some of you but winning is addictive and there is no doubt Philadelphia and all of the fans of our franchises need a fix ASAP.  There just seems to be more urgency than ever.  In 2004, when the Eagles soared into the Super Bowl, I felt like there could be no greater anticipation for a championship than that. This trip to the World Series has already trumped the Birds’ Super Bowl run.  The Phillies embody Philadelphia; their brand of baseball is scrappy, never say die type of stuff.  Two years in a row these Phillies have clawed their way to the top late in season like a good sports car shifting into 6th.  Now they’re on the home straight away, and for once I must say, I have no doubt they are ready to get the job done.

So next week when you’re at the bar, in the recliner, or sitting by the radio, never doubt the Phillies; they know the situation, they know the urgency. At the same time I’m a superstitious guy when I comes to sports so I won’t say a certain sentence or two.  I just want the pressure off of the mediocre Eagles (mediocre could be changed to good at some point this season), the rebuilt Sixers, and the seemingly abysmal Flyers.   I want Philadelphia to be able to breathe freely and get out of this rut.  The Phillies have a chance to do all of this, a chance to make people look a Philadelphia not as the toughest place to play, but as the best place to win.  This week, get out and paint the town red every chance you get.  Go Phils!!


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