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Against Me! – New Wave

  • JAKE SCALICI- Going mainstream does mean losing your touch for these Springsteen loving punks.  Don’t believe me? Ask a host of media sources (Spin said it was the best of 2007) and, despite some initial hostility, the band’s die-hard fans.  Simple punk, catchy melodies, and relevant song writing keep New Wave brief and poignant.  If you aren’t totally captivated by tracks like “New Wave” and “Thrash Unreal”, just listen to the sixth track, “Borne on the FM Waves” featuring a stunning collaboration with Tegan Quinn.  Against Me! may have a major label release but it rocks straight from Main Street.
  • HUNTER HOLLIS- A mainstream album is usually the downfall of a great indie band, but this is not the case concerning New Wave by Against Me! Against Me! is a band from Naples, Florida. The band was formed in 1997, which means that they have been around, making positive additions to the indie music scene for a little over a decade. New Wave has experienced mainstream success, being named the best album of 2007 by Spin Magazine. Many Against Me! fans feel like New Wave is hyper produced and that the band was more concerned about a catchy hook on this album than getting a message across. While New Wave is an album where the melodies are what is likely to be the first thing to catch a listener, Against Me! hasn’t abandoned the meaningful lyrics to go along with their hooks. Songs like “White People for Peace” show off the band’s ability to create an album for the old fans and new ones that may just be in it for the tune.

The Ting-Tings- We Started Nothing

  • JAKE SCALICI- The Ting-Tings have attitude.  When their video for “Shut Up and Let Me Go” hit FNMTV last summer (What happened to that?), the Ting-Tings’ brand of techno-infused Brit-pop hit airwaves everywhere.  We Started Nothing is cavity-sweet and has more hand claps than Sarah Palin’s puck drop at the Flyers game.  We Started Nothing has rave tracks (“Great DJ” “Keep Your Head”), slow jams (“Traffic Light”), and a little rock (“Fruit Machine”).  Sure the Ting-Tings seem like a campy everyday one-hit-wonder, but listen closer because We Started Nothing has some big fangs.
  • HUNTER HOLLIS- The Ting-Tings is a two person band that originated in Greater Manchester, England. The band is taking a new spin on Brit Pop; and their debut album, We Started Nothing, is a blend of quirky music and even quirkier lyrics that may get a “WTF” from first time listeners. The Ting-Tings’ sound is definitely unique and they are incomparable to most other bands, unless the step is taken to call them a White Stripes rip-off band in reverse (the triangles in the Ting Tings’ video for “Shut Up and Let Me Go” and the White Stripes video for “Seven Nation Army” solidify this comparison for me). While the Ting-Tings’ sound is unique, it gets to be a bit far-fetched at times. There are songs on We Started Nothing, like “Fruit Machine”, which have dull lyrics and seem to be about nothing at all, and songs like “Impacilla Carpisung” with indecipherable lyrics that really are about nothing all. “Traffic Light” is a toned down and enjoyable song on the album, with lyrics that can be understood and sung along to. Besides the few singles that would catch any radio listener’s ear, We Started Nothing is an acquired taste.

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