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I am coming to you this week from a much better place. For the first time, I have finally been able to manage my time table and make it to all of my classes. This place is a lot of work to wrap your head around. Besides being impossible to find anywhere you ever need to go, it also requires a lot of prior preparation in all facets of your life.

I spent my week doing the required reading, supplementary reading and then taking notes. I feel almost like a real student. I have to say, I still haven’t been able to get my sleep regimented, and I am starting to think that will never be possible.  When the other 20 people that live on my floor aren’t running around the halls and barging into my room demanding that I join them in gallivanting around like I have no work, we are all out in London doing ridiculous things. I find that between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. is the best time of the day to either get things done or disco nap because it is honestly the calm before the storm. My halls make living on third Thomas my freshman year seem even more boring if possible.

Besides work and insomnia, I also spent my week agonizing over the British banking system. If you go to school at a British university they all seem to have reciprocal agreements with different banks and it is supposed to make your life easier. Surprise surprise, it doesn’t! I don’t want to slander a particular banking institution but let’s just say King’s works with a bank called ‘FatVest’ and FatVest IS supposed to woo me into opening an account by offering me a student rail card and all of these other great student gifts. I was caught in their web and skipped down to the local branch with my passport and address verification letter in tow.

Beginning this jaunt on Monday, I seemed to find the branch closed every time I went there. After the third day of this I was not so happy, so I went to my local branch and, after waiting there, they told me to bring them a different letter and then everything would be okay! Well the next day I followed their specific instructions and, what do you know? Still not enough! After talking to at least four FatVest employees that were unable to project intelligent or coherent thoughts through words, I found myself at yet another bank hoping they would be better at everything. Finding myself at a bank that isn’t getting crucified in the stocks, I now have an appointment to open up an account this week. I won’t be getting a swag bag but I think I will at least get some quality service.

I’m not sure whether poverty or the exchange rate will be the cause of death on my certificate but if the money spending keeps going at the rate it is, I won’t be able to write this column for much longer because I will have to sell all of my belongings on eBay. It seems my word count has run out for this week so have a good one and let’s keep our fingers crossed that Sterling takes some insane nose dive and the US Dollar is remarkably worth 30 pounds!

Each week Arcadia Juniot Jennifer Pahcheco gives students a peek into her study abroad journey in London.


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