From the Editor’s Desk…

In Uncategorized on October 26, 2008 at 2:29 am

To Our Faithful Audience,

Because you were so patient and understanding we thought we would reward you with a gift. This week, the back cover is a free Phillies Poster courtesy of the Tower and our Entertainment Editor Jake Scalici who designed it.

Sorry we missed you last week, but we had some technical difficulties that prevented us from putting out an issue. For the weekend we lost the Internet, which is a vital part of how we retrieve and write stories and, most importantly, how we send the issue to our printer. To make up for it we added four jam-packed bonus pages for your reading pleasure.

So sit back, watch the Phillies game, and enjoy what this week’s Tower has to offer. I’d ask for feedback, but I know we probably won’t get any. In any case, we hope you’re satisfied with what we managed to put out (clearly we’re pulling out all the stops if we’re giving away posters).

Until our next installment,

Tyler Peckham


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