Game of the Week: Fracture

In Uncategorized on October 26, 2008 at 12:17 am

With the holiday season approaching rapidly (wierd huh?), the Tower will be taking a look at a new video game each issue. So if you have any gamers on your list, take note, and this year things can be quick and easy.

Shooters seem to be the hardcore gamer’s dream on any system.  The overall game of the year for the last two years has been a shooter (Gears of War, Call of Duty 4) but not only one with epic gameplay or a badass story.  Both GOW and COD4 were innovative in their approach to their respective types of game.  While Fracture might not win game of the year for 2008 it does offer one of the most cerebral shooters ever.      Set in the year 2161, you play a soldier in the Alliance Army, a group of Americans from the eastern side of the United States.  The purpose of the Alliance is to take down the Pacificans, a group from the western side.  Lucas Arts opted for a run and gun third person shooter with mediocre controls, but they more than made up for one blunder with the innovative weapon and cover techniques.  Using a gun called the “Entrencher” the player can move the earth around him (if its natural ground) up or down.  The ability to make cover by using the ground, not to mention a physics system that takes climbing into account, make Fracture a thinking man’s game.   So if you bought Halo 3 thinking it was going to be good, I’d say check out Fracture and enjoy the ride.


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