Incident Log for Public Safety 10/03/08-10/09/08

In Uncategorized on October 26, 2008 at 1:29 am

Each week the Tower displays noteworthy incident logs from Public Safety’s database. All names and specific residences are always kept private.


A student on a bus trip from campus had money taken from her purse.


At 6:08pm a student  reported the theft of several pieces of clothing left in a dryer at the Kistler Hall laundry room.

Minor Disturbance:
At 8:44pm there was a minor disturbance inside the library when an unidentified woman would not produce identification.


Theft/Lost property:
Between 12:20-2pm a student placed their wallet under a desk in Taylor Hall.  The wallet was discovered missing when they were leaving the room.


A student reported that, at about 11:30am, while walking with another student  along Church Road going back to Oak Summit 2 males, inside a white 4-door older model car, made some inappropriate and harassing remarks and comments to the students.

Theft/Lost property:
Student reported that on Monday, 10-5-08, they had left a wallet unattended in a study room and when they returned it was missing around 6pm.


1. Please do not leave your property unattended in common areas.

2. Be alert while walking. Walk in pairs.  Walk facing on-coming traffic.

3. Call for an escort if needed.

4. Notify Public Safety immediately of any unusual occurrences.


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