Mr. Beaver 2008 Does not Disappoint

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Where in the world is Mr. Beaver? Well, he just flew in from Alaska in the form of Sarah Palin Saturday, Oct. 18.

This year’s annual Mr. Beaver Pageant filled the gymnasium with Arcadia students and friends to witness the crowning of the new Mr. Beaver. Students were entertained by the comedy of Baron Vaughn, who was a great hit. Students who attended this event were encouraged to come and enjoy the annual male pageant, while donating canned foods for charity in exchange for extra raffle tickets towards prizes given out throughout the event.
Contestants this year included Jonathan Porcasi as El Woods, Matt King as John Travolta, Raymond Reinhardt as Posh Bechkam, and Shawn Lovett as Sarah Palin
Each contestant performed in a series of four categories, swimwear, formalwear, talent, and Q and A. In each category performed, contestants competed in the costume of their character along with the hall, club, and sports teams who nominated them.

The event was emceed by Baron Vaughn, a comedian who has been featured on VH1’s “Awesomely Oversexed,” and in the movie Cloverfield.

Vaughn began his act with a joke about singer/songwriter Lionel Richie’s 80’s classic, “Hello.” “That is the creepiest song ever written,” joked Vaughn

His act ranged in jokes about the “10 second rule,” all the way to one about cereal and a high school experience where he mistook breast milk for left over milk transferred from a gallon jug over to a water bottle.

While Vaughn regaled the audience with jokes, the judges deliberated and came to a decision.

The emcee announced the votes, with King as third runner up, Reinhardt as second, and Lovett as the new Mr. Beaver.

The crowd, unhappy about the results began to chant for a recount. “John Travolta should have won, ” said a member of the audience. The John Travolta character was a favorite of many, especially in the talent competition, where King dressed as Travolta, dressed as Edna Turnblad, signing “You Can’t Stop the Beat.” But overall, the judges decided on Lovett’s portrayal of Palin, who had the crowd roaring in laughter during her debate
However, never in Mr. Beaver history has there been a recount conducted after the final results were announced, therefore, the results are standing.

When asked about the whole experience, the newly crowned Lovett was eager to speak. “It was great and I’m glad Arcadia enjoyed seeing me show off too much leg,” joked Lovett. He says he couldn’t have done any of it without the help of his friends and hall mates.

Audience members didn’t walk away empty handed, though. In addition to an evening of fun and excitement, several prizes were given away by SPB, including cash, gift cards, and the ultimate prize, a brand new iPod nano.


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