Opinion: We Always Pay for their Mistakes

In Uncategorized on October 26, 2008 at 1:53 am

Since we were all little kids, we have heard our parents, principals, and teachers preach, “You have to be ready for the ‘real world’ because it is going to be a lot harder than you think.”  The problem is that when our parents, principals, and teachers were giving this gloomy speech years ago they had no idea of the dire situation this country would be currently facing.  Not one of our elders who gave us this lecture encountered the same type of pressure and uncertainty when they made the transition from being a college student to entering the workplace, and they can not fully understand what we are soon going to experience.

Young people never seem to get the respect they deserve in society.  One example is the current presidential polls; cell phones are never called for polling when it is known that 90% of people that are twenty-five and younger do not have a land line.  Our opinion and outlook is too often overlooked.  Many people from the older generation feel we do not have the knowledge or experience to solve problems, when in reality we are going to be the ones who are going to be responsible for fixing the problems placed upon us by previous generations. These same people do not complain when it is us young Americans who pay into their social security system.  We pay but, more than likely, when it is our turn to collect social security forty years from now it will not be there because of more careless mistakes by previous generations.

Essentially, the old people messed up and we are the only ones who are going to be able turn this around because it is not, by any stretch of the imagination, an overnight process.  It is going to take many years for a complete recovery.  We have had no say in the horrible, crippling decisions that have been continually made in our political and economic system, but now as we all get ready to go out and attempt to get jobs, buy houses and cars, and begin our life in the ‘real world’, we are going to be the ones suffering the consequences of countless mistakes.  It’s not fair, but it’s fact.

Under the George W. Bush administration, our country has borrowed hundreds of billions of dollars from nations in the same fashion as a college kid asking a friend for five bucks at Wawa.  “Borrow and spend” should have been the slogan for this administration.  Running the country on a credit card has put us in incomprehensible debt, and made us extremely dependent on foreign nations’ economies.   Currently, our nation is in debt at an estimated $10.2 trillion and the deficit has grown on average $3.3 billion a day since September of last year according to US News & World Report.

With that being said, where is the money for the new $700 billion plus bailout, just passed by the government, going to come from?  The only two options available include taking the hit now and pay as we go with the necessary evil of taxes.  The other option is if the government continues to plan on borrowing money from other nations, like China, in an effort to pay for the plan and put the country in an even weaker economic situation than we already currently face.  Regardless, the people who will have to pay the bulk of all this debt directly in taxes, or indirectly in an even more unstable economy, are the people who will be around the longest, us, the young people.  When previous generations bought their first house they were not under anything close to the scrutiny we will soon be under.  It was much easier to “grow up” and start your own life back then.

According to, 60 percent of today’s college graduates move home with their parents after graduation and that number is going to continue to rise.  It is very possible that interest rates will sky rocket even higher than they currently are on credit cards, car payments, student loans, and house mortgages.  With all the analysis that the economic and political “experts” lay out there, the simple fact is the American people are going to have to pay the consequences for the mistakes.  If a sports team makes a ton of mistakes during a game, they lose.  We, as a country, have made a ton of mistakes and we have lost.  Once we realize this fact, we can begin the healing process and fix this country and restore its reputation as the greatest, most powerful, wealthiest country in the world.
Our generation has the burden of dealing with consequences of this problem and the responsibility to be an active part in fixing the problem.  We are the hope for the future.  Once again it might not be fair, but it is fact.


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