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A Brief Look at New Media

TV on the Radio- Dear, Science

Go out to the news stand and pick up your monthly copy of Rolling Stone, Spin, Alternative Press, pretty much any music magazine, really, and you’ll find something on the latest album from Brooklyn dance rockers TV on the Radio.  Most of the press is a sounds like “ album of the year bait” or “career defining” making Dear Science, one of the biggest critically acclaimed albums since, well, their last release Return to Cookie Mountain.   TVOTR push their unique brand of funky dance rock further than they have before, but Dear Science really isn’t the bees knees, if you catch my drift.  Sure the album has more handclaps than a PGA Tour event and enough grooves to keep you moving all day, but unless you’re into what TV on the Radio is bringing to the table, don’t believe the hype.

Of Montreal-Skeletal Lamping

Of Montreal, frontman Kevin Barnes is a fan of change.  In the beginning, he found himself as a lo-fi indie rocker — a minimalist with sunny guitars and warm falsetto melodies (not to mention the Outback Steakhouse song).   Starting with last year’s Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?, Barnes has morphed Of Montreal into a Prince meets Freddie Mercury prog-pop collage.  Skeletal Lamping comes out of left field with Animal Collective style samples and 80s club beats, not to mention some down-right addictive tracks.  The opener “Nonpareil of Favors”, and second track, “Wicked Wisdom”, might not do it for you, but listen on and you’ll find plenty of moments to replay over and over again.  My recommendation: the sixth track “Gallery Piece” and its Ziggy Stardust era Bowie sound.

Body of Lies Directed by Riley Scott

In the realm of action movies very few directors combine those edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting thriller sequences with solid story telling and actor choices like Ridley Scot does.  Whether it be the dead-on presentation of Black Hawk Down, or the “holy shit this is crazy” moments of American Gangster, Scott has a gift for putting together style and story.   His latest project, Body of Lies, stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe as CIA operatives working to take down terrorist cells.  From the previews and commercials, Body of Lies boasts tons of action (check out DiCaprio’s trigger happy Jeep chase seen) as well as a few twists and mind games (Crowe and DiCaprio’s characters work together, but not really).  Body of Lies looks to be a must-see movie this fall.  DiCaprio’s stock is always on the rise and, really, when has Russell Crowe done something bad (I’m talking movies of course)? Add in Scott and a big budget and Body of Lies looks the perfect recipe for a thrilling roller coaster ride set across a Middle East war zone.


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