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When I began this venture, I thought every week I would have something new and exciting to report. Technically I do, but the things that are most exciting are either illegal to mention or things that happen in my hall that I just wouldn’t be allowed to write about. That being said, most of what has been going on in the past two weeks is basically boring. My life has been encompassing a universal theme of college students; I have been procrastinating.

I honestly have so much preparation to do for all of my classes, it is shocking. At first I was in the idea that they must have dropped my study abroad application in the wrong pile and that I was honestly not able to do this work. The problem with that theory was that I am completely capable of doing the work. This semester so far has shown me that I can bring myself up to the level of the people who have been studying these things intensely since they were sixteen. The problem is, sometimes I just don’t feel like it!

Let’s face it, we all get to the point in school where we just want to coast; you can do the minimum and get away with it and catch up later. I have to admit, they make this concept more difficult at Arcadia with the mostly constant homework but it feels like they have designed this semester for me to have just enough leeway to slack off for a week. Not this Monday but next Monday begins my week of reckoning: Reading Week.

I know what you’re thinking; that surely must mean exams are coming up and you will be blind with panic preparing for everything you haven’t done, plus don’t you only get a day for reading before the start of exams? No! For some fantastic reason in the middle of the semester we, in humanities, are given an entire week to collect ourselves. It’s actually a factor leading to my procrastination because I am so excited for Reading Week that I feel alright if I don’t quite finish a novel or two.

That being said, I have to admit, slacking here is completely different from slacking at home. Here, slacking seems to come down to only reading the primary material and not doing any secondary research into the topics you are discussing. I haven’t even abandoned my studies to enjoy the lower drinking age. I usually find myself drawn in to watching Halo sessions with my flat mates or just sitting in the kitchen for hours laughing at nothing. It’s not fair. I mean to do work but I just can’t.

I think the moral of my story is that procrastination is a global phenomenon. To be honest, I procrastinated in writing this piece even though, by writing it, I am procrastinating in doing my work. It’s a vicious cycle but it will all have to change by Reading Week! After that comes the 4,000 word essays and then the real fun begins; I hope my sad pile of work puts your semester into perspective. I am leaving you with this: study abroad can’t always be a giant vacation.

Each Week Arcadia Junior Jennfier Pahcheco gives students a peek into her study abroad journey in London.


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