Exercising your Right:All You Need to Know to Vote

In Uncategorized on October 30, 2008 at 2:29 am

On Tuesday’s November 4th Election Day, students will not have to worry quite so much about getting to the polls. Arcadia’s Office of Student Activities will be offering a shuttle service to those registered at Arcadia to go vote at Westminster Seminary, Arcadia’s approved polling location at the crossing of Church Road and Willow Grove Ave.

“It’s done every [voting]  year as a service to the students, so that students without a vehicle can exercise their right to vote,” said Campus Activities Programmer, Cate Rooney.

The shuttles will leave from Taylor Hall starting at 9:00 a.m., in fifteen minute intervals. The shuttles will run continually until the final run at 7:00 p.m. Students must bring a valid photo ID with them to the polls. Arcadia student IDs are valid. Other valid IDs include passports or Pennsylvania Drivers Licenses.

The shuttles will be piloted by none other than Arcadia staff members volunteering their time to help students vote.

For students going to vote, there are some important things to remember. “You have to be registered to vote at Arcadia to vote [at Westminster]”,” said Rooney. This is because Cheltenham Township and all of Montgomery County is divided into different sectors, each with their own specific polling location. It is important for students that do not list Arcadia University as their place of residence to find their proper voting location.

In addition, students going to vote should be aware that Montgomery County uses Sequoia AVC Advantage® voting machines. According to Montgomery County’s website, a selection is made by pressing the square to the right of your choice. To make a different choice, simply hit the box again to deselect, and then hit the box next your new selection. You also do not have to vote the entire ballot. When finished, hit the “Cast Vote” button and a tone will sound signaling your vote has been properly cast.  For write-in votes, press the “Write-in” square for the selected office. From there follow the directions and enter the name with the keypad.

For any questions on the shuttles, the Office of Student Activities can be reached at 215-572-4082. For any questions about voting, the Montgomery Board of Elections can be reached at 610-278-3280. The website for those not living at Arcadia, but still residing in Mongomery County, to find where their polling station is located is,A,1459,Q,62525,voterservicesNav,|.asp.


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