Game of the Week: SOCOM Confrontation

In Uncategorized on October 30, 2008 at 1:36 am

The Playstation 2 is the best selling game system of all time, at this point.  When the system launched in October of 2000, parents fought tooth and nail to get the next big thing to put under the tree that December.  One of the biggest selling points for PS2 was online gameplay, something reserved mostly for computers at that time (Dreamcast does not count).  Many manufacturers had trouble with the Playstation Network but, as usual, Sony’s homegrown projects worked well, the best one being SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals.  Now in 2008, SOCOM has been updated for the Playstation 3 as SOCOM Confrontation.  This multiplayer-only game takes SOCOM’s classic third person tactical gameplay and throws in new twists, like the use of the PS3’s SIXAXIS motion-sensitive controller to duck and lean behind cover.  Combine the new gameplay features with fully customizable guns and classic maps from the first two SOCOM games, and the multiplayer experience couldn’t be better for the hardcore gamer.  With that said, SOCOM does have some issues.  Marathon load times, spotty lag spikes, and poor grenade physics do hurt the fun of 16 vs. 16 firefights but, like other Sony online issues, patches will come out to help the problems, in time of course.  The plan for SOCOM is similar to Sony’s other multiplayer-only game, Warhawk, constantly updating the game with new weapons maps and game modes has made Warhawk better and better as time has gone on.   It would be smart for Sony to do everything in their power to make SOCOM Confrontation an expansion-happy franchise for years to come.

So I’ve found an issue with this Game of the Week column.  I can’t review every game that you, my precious readers, need to hear about before the holiday season hits. So from now on, the games I can’t get/play in time are going to get the one or two line treatment.  Keep reading.

Dead Space (PS3, XB360)
Deep space horror survival with physics like no other. Bottom line, go buy it.  Don’t play Dead Space with the lights off, alone, or at night.  Have an extra pair of pants ready if you have surround sound, for sure.

Fable II (XB360)
Probably the best action RPG on the market.  Everything in Fable II’’s vast landscape is part of the game, where the decisions you make affect your character’s path in life.


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