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Arcadia’s Own Miss Majestic answers ALL of your questions about love, life and the library!

Dear Ms. Majestic,
I hate my work study! The people in the office are really nice and they treat me really well but everyday when I come in to work, there’s nothing to do. Sometimes I sit for hours with nothing to do. I don’t mind being paid to do nothing but it would be nice if I had something to do to make the time go faster. I don’t want to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong so I haven’t said anything to my supervisor but I don’t know if there will be anything for her to do. I mean, she really doesn’t do much on a day-to-day basis either. My friends tell me that at their work study, they have assignments and sometimes they can even bring their homework in if they want. How come I can’t do that? The thing is, I don’t want to quit because I need the money, but if I have to choose between being bored to death and freedom…I think you know what I’ll pick!
Bored in Officespace

Dear Bored,
Is it really that bad? Will it drive you to quit? Really? I don’t think so, but I do understand what you mean. I’ve worked in so many places and have been bored out of my mind, but I did have to weigh what impact it would have on my wallet. So here’s what you do. Talk to your supervisor to see if there is anything you can help with, but remember that  the work may be confidential, and they may not want student workers’ assistance. I also don’t see any harm in asking to bring your homework with you. Those hours are yours and you should be able to earn them regardless of whether the office has work for you or not. Good luck!
-Ms. Majestic

Dear Ms. Majestic,
I got my 6 week evaluations back and boy were they horrendous! My advisor said that I have time to make up for my early mistakes but do I really? I just think that if I’m doing this bad this early, maybe college isn’t for me. I came here because I figured it would be fun and over the top, but now that same fun has gotten me in lots of trouble. My parents keep asking me about my progress too, and I don’t want to lie, but I can’t tell them the truth. I know I’m going to have a painful break if I tell my parents that I’m not doing so well. How do I fix this mess? I need to get better grades that I can share at the dinner table when I go home and I need to know that I’m supposed to be here. Help!
Clueless about College

Dear Clueless,
Ok so the only way to fix the damage that’s been done is to make a game plan and stick to it. You really do have time to fix the academic part if you really want to but ONLY once you figure out whether you really want to be here. Arcadia isn’t for everyone. Some people need an environment that is larger to function properly and, for some, this place is ideal. You may not be one of those people, but you can try to figure out if you are by doing a pro/con list. Be really specific about what you need out of your school and see if Arcadia fits the bill. If not, its time to reveal the news to the family and start shopping. You wouldn’t be the first person who realized that good ol’ Beaver was not for them and you won’t be the last. Bon chance!
-Ms. Majestic

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