Restaurant Review: The Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille

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The Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille, located in Southampton on Second Street Pike- only a twenty-five minute drive from Arcadia University’s campus, offers vegan and vegetarian cuisine that is unique and delicious.

At first, it seemed like there was no hostess or maitre’d, but once they realized that new costumers had arrived (Katelyn – Party of Four) we were seated immediately. Reservations are recommended for dinner, but on Tuesday, October 7th there was a more private atmosphere than on more crowded evenings.
Orders were taken promptly and the food arrived in what seemed like a few minutes. The food and the service were both impressive.

The Green Curry Summer Rolls, a vegan appetizer, were a flavorful mix of fruity and Thai flavors, wrapped in rice paper rolls that were raw, not fried. One of the featured items, “Sliders,” is Blue Sage’s version of French fries and mini-hamburgers. But, instead of meat, they contain avocado, yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes and more, all hidden inside adorable mini buns.

A Mexican-inspired entrée, Quesa Havana, was anything but Taco Bell. Griddled, not fried, whole wheat tortilla buns contained fresh mango as well as other, more traditional Mexican ingredients and spices, such as black beans, cheeses and cilantro.

Many of the meals are served with a small salad with baby arugula, cucumber radish and red grapefruit, or spring mix with chile lime vinaigrette, but the house salad itself is at least as good as any one of the entrees.

For dessert, the White Chocolate Espresso Crème Brulee and the Chocolate Panini were both creative and delightful. Besides the obvious sugar, they contained compatible combinations of flavors such as milk chocolate, walnut and cinnamon.

Throughout the meal, the service was quick and appropriate. There were no uncomfortable attempts at conversation or forgetting to bring the check for a half an hour and the waitress even took a picture for us.

Any age group seems to be welcome at the Blue Sage. All that is required is at least an appreciation for good vegetarian food. It’s BYOB, but the menu’s items can be a little pricey, with most entrées starting around $20, so save money and skip the booze.
Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille is definitely the kind of place any Arcadia student could feel comfortable at and the food is way above and beyond expectations, especially after eating dining hall food for weeks. The dining area is well-lit with very simple, unremarkable decorations that lean towards an Asian or Thai theme. Dress is casual, but I wouldn’t recommend sweat pants or worn tee-shirts.

Jennifer Staley, a Junior Arcadia Student, was pleased with the experience, even though she is not a vegetarian herself. “The service was good, and the food was even better.”
Arcadia Junior and meat eater, Brandon Haze, is more hesitant about his judgment. “I would go again, but I could easily see people disliking it, if you know what I mean.”
Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille is at 772 Second Street Pike in Southampton, PA, 18966. The phone number is 215-942-8888. They are open Tuesday thru Saturday for Lunch and Dinner and hours are posted on the website,


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