The Right Man for the Job: The Tower Endorses Barack Obama to be the Next President

In Uncategorized on October 30, 2008 at 3:02 am

After waiting out to see what each candidate has to offer, we at the Tower have decided to endorse Barack Obama for president. As this race has played out, we have seen  what each candidate has brought to the table for the American people, and we believe that, between Barack Obama and John McCain, Obama has provided the best policy, leadership, and confidence to become the next President of the United States.

Senator John McCain has shown himself largely inept in all aspects of what will be faced in the next four years. On the economy, he has refused to back down on increased tax cuts for the wealthiest in America- including oil companies that have enjoyed record profits throughout the Bush administration. His campaign direction has been sloppy and misleading. His choice in Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate was a choice to divide America once again. Palin is increasingly unstable in her remarks, and has made a number of ill-fated attempts to brand the Democratic party as somehow un-American. Racist remarks have become commonplace at her rallies, and she has shamefully done little to quiet them.

On foreign policy, where McCain claims to be strongest, he has presented no plan to exit Iraq but, instead, only gives vague promises of “winning.” He still refuses to acknowlege the questionable circumstances of the war and, instead, argues points on whether or not ‘The Troop Surge’ is working. McCain entered the race with center-right credentials that appealed to many moderate voters and even some Democrats, but instead of sticking to his moderate positions, he has tried to redefine himself as a staunch conservative and, in the process, alienated many Americans with his reckless campaign.

In contrast, Barack Obama has proven himself to be suited for the office of President. His promise of tax breaks to the middle class are needed to restore stability and prosperity to Americans. He also has proposed a plan to guarantee health care to all Americans. This is something especially important to college graduates that will no longer qualify under their parent’s plan. Those leaving Arcadia and other institutions across America next May will face a dismal job market and economy. To expect these young men and women to pay for their own health care is simply unrealistic, but with Obama’s plan, this is one less burden for them to face. Students and the rest of America need new policies to restore our economy, and the outdated trickle-down theories of McCain will not cut it.

Obama will also lead America out of the costly war in Iraq. Not only has this war taken the lives of our soldiers, but it has strained our alliances abroad.  Obama speaks of a new American presence in the world where these alliances will be reforged. Obama’s choice of Senator Joe Biden was a decision to bring foreign policy credentials into the White House. True, Senator Obama has limited hands-on experience in foreign relations, but with Biden as an advisor, we believe his decision will be informed and in the best interest of America.

Perhaps most importantly is what Barack Obama represents for our generation. His organization of grass-roots support has energized this country in an unprecedented way. Many young people came into political awareness under the Bush administration, and we have seen what divisive presidential campaigns produce: a divided and unsettled country. Barack Obama presents a movement that gives voice to this need for change. He speaks to our generation in a way that is sincere instead of just pandering for our vote. At the Tower, we believe it is time for a new face in politics. It is time for a new era of unity and progressive reform. It is a time where our generation moves to elect a capable politician to bring reform to an outdated and out of touch Washington. And most importantly, we believe Barack Obama will do those things as President of the United States.


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