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This week has been very interesting. For one thing, it snowed in October for the first time in 70 years. Better yet, the snow stuck and, instead of doing work, I, along with everyone I know, had an extremely messy snowball fight. That was great. Even better was that one of my lecturers got married last weekend so he canceled class this week. That gave me a nice four day weekend. Even better was when I turned up to class the next day only to find that the construction work going on around the campus cut out all the power and classes were canceled all day!

After my five day weekend it was really hard to drag myself out of bed and get to class. Although I am in class for a lot less time than I am at Arcadia, I find them much more exhausting. I’m trying to mentally prepare myself to use this next week, my reading week, productively. After the whirlwind nights I have spent celebrating Halloween, I plan to turn over a new leaf and become a contributing member of academic society this week. I’m really hoping it works but I’ll have to make myself actually do it.

It’s really hard to know that I’m meant to be doing work but I honestly don’t have to. This week also brings a lot of exciting stuff, most notably Election Day and Bonfire Night. One being distinctly American and the other distinctly English, I think it will be a pretty good cultural contrast. Although I’m living with British students and obviously interacting with them every day, I don’t get the chance to do a lot of things that would be very British as opposed to very American. Most of the stuff we tend to do is stuff that we just have in common so it wouldn’t really belong to either culture. I’m very interested in politics to begin with and I’m afraid this election is going to give me a heart attack. If it goes the way I am hoping then Bonfire Night can be a celebration. If not, it may be a pity party, but I am hoping it will turn out well.

Surprisingly, the election is being covered everywhere here, although I am sure it is definitely being shoved down everyone’s throats in the US much more. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to watch the coverage live but the King’s College student union is hosting an Election Day gathering; the only unfortunate part is that the coverage begins at 11:15 p.m. my time and ends at 6 in the morning! I’ve been fielding a lot of election questions from people that I meet lately. Usually people want to ask a few things about the US and maybe Bush but I’ve met a few people recently that had conversations beginning with “Hi, What’s your name?” with that being immediately followed by “McCain or Obama?!” I somehow feel the questions will get more intense after the election, depending on the results.

Well, I hope everyone votes this week! I sent in my absentee ballot two weeks ago and, I have to admit, I am a little upset because I have never actually been to the polls. I spent 18 years waiting to pull the levers inside the little booth and I have yet to do it! Oh well, I guess maybe I’ll have to take a trip home to New Jersey for the big day next year but I can’t help thinking how much cooler it would be to vote for the president in the booth. I guess I’ll have to wait another four years for that moment (unless Palin somehow gets elected and decides to take away women’s suffrage along with our rights!) Excuse the small joke! Anyway whether you’re voting Democrat, Republican or any other way just make sure you vote this week. It’s a right everyone in the world doesn’t have so make the most of it!

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