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The Tower’s Weekly round-up of quirky, interesting and mildly relevant news

Did you figure it out???

Last week’s Breast Exam Article was False. Not a Bad Story Though…

Couple Travels 9,300 Miles to Vote

Susan Scott-Kerr and her husband flew in Wednesday from India to vote in Tuesday’s presidential election.  The couple has been working in India, but when their absentee ballots did not arrive in the mail, they decided to get on a plane and fly back to New York.

This election has been declared as one of the most important elections in this nation’s history, so important that two people who just became citizens a year ago spent thousands of dollars and endured two lay-overs to make sure their vote counts. Susan is orignally from New Zealand while her husband is from Morroco.  These two citizens care moreabout their civic duty than most “natural born” Americans. I guess immigrants aren’t so bad after all.

-Danielle Trout

Hostage Crisis Solved by Pizza

A prison guard at Risdon Prison in Hobart, Tasmania was taken hostage for two days by prisoners.  Twenty inmates took the guard prisoner, ironically, over conditions in the maximum security prison.  Originally, the inmates made twenty-four demands to authorities, but after two days, they agreed on one: 15 pizzas, Coke-a-Cola, and garlic bread.  The inmates actually controlled the negotiations and demanded that the pizzas be delivered, which was the final tipping point for release of the guard.

-Danielle Trout

College Campus Gives Squirrels Birth Control

It seems that the squirrels on the UC Davis college campus in California have gone wild! The familiar, furry friends that are known on Arcadia’s campus are known to the California campus, but much worse! California’s News 10 station reported on the animals being a hanful and that something had to be done.

According to UC Davis officials, researchers will launch a birth control program to put a stop to the growing population of the squirrels. The school claims that seven years ago none of the animals existed on campus. They also believe that there has to be at least 400 squirrels now! Wow! Looks like the squirrels have been getting busy up in the trees. “They’re cute. They seem great to have around,” said Ecology graduate student Sara Krause. “But what happens is, they get very aggressive when people feed them.” She adds that they can also disrupt campus buildings and nearby farm fields. So, faculty wildlife experts and their students plan to trap the squirrels, mark them and study their behavior through the fall and winter. The squirrels will be recaptured next summer, some will be given hormone birth control injections, while some will only get a placebo as scientific control for comparison. Officials don’t want to harm the animals, but to help them along to stop making baby squirrels!

-Elishia Peterson

Chase Utley Says a Naughty Word

As Philly fans celebrated the Phillies World Series win in Citizens Bank Park on this past Halloween, their favorite baseball player was having a little too much fun on his own. Chase Utley dropped the “F” word while being interviewed on live TV! He proclaimed “World Champions!” to the screaming fans. Though Utley added a nice little f*&%#@$ in between those two words.  The fans cheered for minutes for the remark.

Networks and radio stations who caught the f-bomb while taping, issued their apologies immediately. Though fans didn’t seemed to be disturbed by the comment, it still is looked down upon by the Federal Communications Commission. Unfazed fans commented on cursing Chase, “They hear worse stuff in school,” said Ivette Centeno, 44, of Northeast Philadelphia, was who was there with her two children and two grandchildren. “As a parent, we can explain that is was just excitement, and that we don’t want them to say that.”

Later, Utley claimed he hadn’t planned to throw a curve ball with the profanity. “I was told I had to talk 10 minutes before I talked. Short and to the point.” Well looks like you did just that, didn’t you Chase? Whether Chase got caught up in all the hoopla or he really intended on cursing, what’s done is done. He’s still a f*&%#@$ winner!

-Elishia Peterson


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