Friends Reach Out to Help Hudson

In Uncategorized on November 7, 2008 at 4:39 am

page7hudsonJennifer Hudson, the Oscar-winning actress of Dreamgirls and American Idol fame has had recent tragedy come upon her family. Her mother, Darnell Donerson and brother, Jason Hudson were killed in their Chicago home and her nephew’s body, Julian King was found in an SUV. It was a sad turn of events for the 27-year-old, star who earned her fame through talent and hard work. Hudson has a new movie out, The Secret Life of Bees, and her first solo album. Instead, she is in the public eye for the horrible tragedies that have occurred in her family. So far, no charges have been filed in connection with the murders. Hudson began singing in the church choir in Englewood, located in the South Side of Chicago. Many celebrities and friends have reached out to Hudson in support, including Queen Latifah, Simon Cowell, Ryan Seacrest, and Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama. Fans have also expressed their condolences. It is heart-breaking for Hudson to lose three beloved family members. It will take time to heal. Hudson is a talented star who can help others with her story. It could put a spotlight on dealing with grief and ending violence. Our thoughts and prayers go to her and her family.


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