Jasper Redd Brought the Jokes but Forgot the Laughs

In Uncategorized on November 7, 2008 at 5:10 am

page5redThe eve of Halloween was met with much fright. On Thursday, October 30th, comedian Jasper Redd graced us with his presence. A crowd of about 50 people, myself included, sat ready, waiting to laugh. Though to be honest, sadly I’m still waiting on that laugh.

Dry humor has always been something I’ve grappled with. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it-in small doses, and with very specific comedians. Throw me a Carlin or a Carrey (Drew!) and I’m sold. But don’t talk a good game and not back it up.

Redd is a scrawny black man with a twangy voice. This presentation would seem to lend itself to being, oh shall we say…Chappelley?-A true provoker of comedy. And I’ll admit, I gave plenty of leeway based on how he looked, because, lets face it, if a comedian looks funny he usually is.

He was a sort of Chappellesque-Andre3000 wannabe rambler. Oh, that was a bit harsh. But I did wait for him to get me to laugh. I waited, and waited and waited. I painfully waited and to little avail.

From the beginning he dove in with his comparison of McDonald’s and life…yawn. Then he moved on to race jokes, liking dental floss and teeth to lynchings, which was slightly rousing.

He talked of his experiences as someone originally from Tennessee and living presently in Los Angeles, as well as the humor between he and his gay, white roomate. There was an initial connection between he and his roomate for their placement in society as black and gay. Redd explained to his roomate how the difference between the two is that his roomate can be in the closet and hide his gayness, whereas he being black cannot do the same. He could never say “Surprise, I’m gay!”–Get it! Ha ha.

Do you get the idea that if you were a fly on the wall of their actual apartment, you’d get more of a laugh?

There were some high points though. For me there was the one joke about sex and comedy. Redd said to us that he recounted to a friend once “Sex is not like comedy. When I’m about to bust out laughing, I don’t take back the laugh like ‘oh I laughed too soon, sorry.”

There was also a solid joke within the corny McDonald’s material. In this case, Redd explained how McDonald’s is the perfect way for a parent to explain sex to a child. “Son, when two patties love each other, they make a Whopper Jr.” That was an interesting line of thought, and I’ll admit that it was funny.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m used to comedians who pack a bigger punch. And to his credit, Redd is young, and up-and-coming. He needs someplace, and any opportunity he can get to get his feet wet and hone his skills.

And this wasn’t a gaffe on the part of the clubs involved in sponsoring the guy. Hell, I was convinced before he started speaking, given his apparent appearance on Comedy Central. Impressive.

Wait, what am I talking about? Give me that laugh I’ve been waiting for!


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