Keeping Pace with the Times: ‘The Tower’ Launches

In Uncategorized on November 7, 2008 at 5:22 am

page4thetowerMiss picking up a copy of The Tower and can’t find it floating around anywhere on campus? Feel the need to comment or critique any of the subjects you’ve found in the paper? It’s all been made much easier to the reader to do all of the above–The Tower’s gone online!

By visiting the site, you can find all of the articles, photos, and notices that have been featured in the newspaper. The site is easy to navigate and browse through to find the article you’re looking for. The opening page will lead you to the first page of the paper as well as the leading articles, and, by clicking on Archives, linked below the site’s heading, you will be lead to the rest of the issue’s articles.

Above the title of each separate post will be a short list of tags (i.e. ISSUE 4, SPORTS, DEREK TRACEY). By clicking on any one of them, you’ll be lead to a list of titles of all the separate posts that contain material regarding that particular subject. If you’re looking for all the articles written by a certain author, or you want to read things strictly on Barack Obama, just click on the tag!

Another useful feature in navigating through the site is the Search option at the bottom of the Archives section. It works similarly to any Search option. Just type in your keywords and you’ll be directed to the post containing that search criteria.

The most important feature of The Tower’s new website is the Comment section at the bottom of each post. All comments are posted anonymously, unless you choose to leave a name, and will be available for everyone to read. A comment option will also appear on those separate posts that contain a picture of the entire page, a link to which you’ll find below the preview picture.

The site is open to everyone, and will have each Wednesday’s issue posted by midnight that night. Please stop by and drop us a comment to tell us what you think!


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