More than Just Parking Tickets: How Public Safety is Looking Out for You

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On October 2nd, at approximately 11:00 pm, two males robbed an Arcadia student in Oak Summit apartments.  One of the males was armed with a knife, which increases the chance of serious injury on the victim.  In addition, the night before there was an incident at the Hess Gas Station on Easton Road in Glenside where there was an attempted robbery of someone else.  Arcadia’s Public Safety unit was informed of both situations and is doing their best to fix the problems.  However, safety is the most important aspect at college, especially when Arcadia is close to the city.

Many colleges around the Philadelphia area have had problems with safety in recent years.  For example, Temple and La Salle Universities have had their own trouble in the past with safety, and that automatically raises the awareness of the campus police patrols.  San Fran Scavuzzo of the La Salles Collegian states in their July issue that; “La Salle has had three murders and six shootings from January 1st to June 30th compared to eight murders and 16 shootings at Temple University in the same period.”  In contrast, Arcadia has statistically been a safe campus this year for the most part.  There have been no recent incidents or problems concerning robberies or anything remotely close to that in the past year.  According to Frank DeMeo, the Operations Supervisor of Public Safety at Arcadia University, there are currently 27 security personnel that patrol the entire campus throughout a daily and nightly basis.

But some wonder if, now that there have been a few incidents at Arcadia and Glenside, shouldn’t there be more security? “These incidents will not force us to patrol the campus anymore then we already do.  We always do our best day in and day out to ensure the safety of everyone on campus.  As for the incidents that occurred at the Hess Gas Station in Glenside, the Cheltenham Police were informed and are patrolling that area to the best of their abilities,” said DeMeo.

This issue at Arcadia has grabbed the attention of  some students.  “As soon as I heard about the robbery, I haven’t gone to 7 Eleven or Dunkin Dounuts,” says Arcadia Junior Nikki Adler.  “I feel like I could be the next victim.”

Since the robbery on campus, there was a Public Safety Alert to all students.  The problem might be getting handled at this very moment, but what if it happens again?

“It is up to the students to be aware of what is happening around them and when they do enter a housing facility at Arcadia, that they watch to see if someone entering the building has a key or swipe card.  Suspicious people must be watched out for when entering a building and it is up to the students to take charge and say no to letting just anyone in the building,” added DeMeo.

Whether or not students live in dorms, apartments, or in a house, there are many procedures that should be performed to ensure the personal safety.  Public Safety encourages students to make sure all doors are locked, along with windows and car doors.  Also, make sure nobody that looks suspicious is let into housing units because this could lead to an incident similar to the one that occurred on October 2nd.

The idea is that the only worries students should have to deal with at college are their future and how to better their education, not if they are going to get robbed or hurt. Public Safety cannot prevent all of the instances that occur, but the simple solution is a better effort by all.

  1. just a heads up and I guess to get La Salle a little credit.

    The story was about the area, not the school.

    “Three murders and six shootings around La Salle were reported to the Philadelphia Police for the period that occurred between Jan. 1 and June 30.” None of the incidents occurred on campus – as stated later in the article.

    good piece, though, it just linked La Salle a little more to danger than it really is.

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