The Phils are the 2008 World Champions

In Uncategorized on November 7, 2008 at 4:34 am

page8philsI’ll never forget last Wednesday night.  Sitting in G&G Brewers on Keswick Ave. is pretty normal; I go there almost every Wednesday.  The people I’m with are the people I’m always around. The beer is the same beer I have every week, a golden glass of Laughing Wolf.  This Wednesday was different for me and for a lot of people here at Arcadia or in the tri-state area because around ten o’clock the words Philadelphia and World Champions were one in the same.   Phinally.

I like many other Phillies or Philadelphia fans had the common “not this again” feeling after the rain out of game 5.  The Rays tying the game up, our savior Cole Hamels being reduced to half his normal self thanks to the weather, and the unfortunate timing as the Umps and Bud Selig called for the tarp over Citizens Bank Park’s infield.  I’ve been a Philly sports fan all 21 years I’ve been breathing(or since I’ve been able to comprehend it) and once again I found myself, for a split second doubting the Phillies upper hand on the Tampa Bay Rays.  Unlike other chances I’ve watched swirl down the tubes, I quickly realized there was nothing to be worried about, I quickly realized it was just our time to win.

So I settled in at Brewers to watch the three-inning drag race that was the end of game five.  Wincing at every pitch, sweating out every play, I sat with my hands over my mouth and my heart pounding through my now unwashed Phils tee.  With Eric Hinske down 0-2 to Lidge I like every other Philly sports fan under 25 was prepared for something totally foreign, and with one 86 mile per hour slider the eruption began, as the streets of Keswick flooded for the Phils..  Every year it seems o be about next year, but last Wednesday 2008 was about 2008, about being the best in 2008.  From there I made my way to Broad St. for the inevitable party/riot.  Never in my life have I seen or felt anything euphoria like I did in at Broad and Arch, running around the streets as people climbed on anything they could find. The cheers never stopped. The sea of red continued to grow the entire time I was downtown.   The feeling of Philadelphia World Champion city seemed to good to be true.

Looking back on the Phils playoff run there are plenty of moments I will never forget.  Cole Hamel’s absolute domination, Brett Myers sudden hit-streak, Matt Stairs doing his best Mark McGuire impression, Jamie Moyer walking off the mound at 45 after owning the Rays in game three, or maybe most importantly Chase Utley’s fake to first throw out at home in the second half of game 5, a play that may have saved that game for the Phils.  All of those moments and more were part of a run that was nothing short of magical for this area. My childhood friend Pete called me not even 5 minutes after Lidge finished off Hinske.  For me there is no bigger Philadelphia fan than Pete.  Obviously crying when he got on the phone all I could understand was “Bro we finally did it, we finally finished it.”  I don’t think there is a better way to put it really.   Sure the joy of the Phillies win is about victory, about being the best, but it is also about taking the massive weight off of the shoulders of an entire city of people.

So for the next year enjoy Sports Center, listen to 950, check out all the clips of game 5 on Youtube because Philadelphia, in the words of Chase Utley are “ World Fucking Champions” (see Page 2). It’s something to bask in for as long as you can, to relive and talk about for the rest of your lives.  Foreign territory for sure.


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