The Scramble

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A Brief Look at New Media


In 2005, Ryan Adams released three different, somewhat interesting, somewhat unfocused full-length albums.  Now, three years, a drug problem and a few public tirades have  marred the image of the alt country guitar god.    His latest release Cardinology has Adams baring his teeth and going for the neck with barnburners and floating prose.  Sliding into his influences, Adams goes classic rock like some odd version of the Grateful Dead touting the stadium savvy of U2.  Cardinology may be one of the most solid things the on-edge Adams has ever done. Tracks like “Born into a Light” and “Go Easy” have all the proof you’ll need.


Ahhh Hinder.  You know them. Their 2006 album, Extreme Behavior, went three times platinum behind the song “Lips of an Angel”.  You know the song blaring for the 5 millionth time at Chicks after someone just played “Crazy Bitch” for the 10 millionth time.   Still having trouble? They’re like Nickelback except they say they play 70’s rock, and their singer sounds like he’s had strep throat since Limp Bizkit graced TRL… is any of this ringing a bell?  Well either way they’re putting out a new album, Take it to the Limit, and judging by the cover art expect more mindless “We want to sound like Guns and Roses, we have tons of money and bang countless bikini clad models every week” type stuff. If you have a tribal tattoo or think drinking a case of Natty Light makes you the shit, this is what you’ve been looking for.


Kevin Smith returns to his down-and-out, raunch-driven, stoner comedy roots.  This time Jay and Silent Bob are nowhere to be found. Same goes for everybody’s favorite clerks Dante and Randal.  Instead, Smith took aim at Hollywood’s unsuspecting comedy “it” boy, Seth Rogen (Zack), and Elizabeth “I play a slut in every movie” Banks (Miri) to tell the story of life-long friends with a cash problem.   When their funds start to dwindle Zack and Miri, who have been platonic friends since their teens, find themselves brainstorming for a solution to their empty pocket syndrome.  The answer: make a porno.  The plot takes the obvious twist as Zack and Miri start to find feelings for each they never had before.  Despite the somewhat sappy plot line Smith can always deliver on crude sex jokes and with Rogen, whose Superbad was a super hilarious look at teen sex lives, the punch lines promise to pound even harder. No pun intended.


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