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Another week has come and gone… this one which was meant for reading was spent sleeping more than anything. The one week that should be spent being productive was wasted away on Facebook and trying to get motivated to do work. I knew it was coming; I just kind of ignored it and pretended that the next day I would get some work done. I can’t say I didn’t do anything over Reading Week; I just didn’t do everything I was supposed to.
For once I wanted to spend my weekend doing nothing that had to do with work but I know I will spend my Saturday trying to catch up on some reading while I spend my Sunday toiling away on the computer to finalize my first actual bit of coursework that is due in on Monday.

It’s so hard to believe that it is now November and once this month is over I will be taking the flight home for winter break. Unlike my fellow Arcadians, my winter break won’t be carefree because I will not be finished. King’s College has exams in the beginning of the second term so I will get to study and write papers while I am at home visiting my family and friends!

Part of me keeps thinking that maybe if I do more work now I will have a less stressful last few weeks before break but I can’t help myself get motivated. I feel like if I admit that I only have about a month left before winter break than I will become very stressed but if I kind of just coast along the first semester can’t come to an end right?

I have to say, outside of not doing work I have done some other stuff this week. On Tuesday I spent my night traveling around London trying to find a place covering the election. My student union had coverage but it was mobbed; they were enforcing a one-in-one-out policy and it was impossible to see/hear/sit/think so we tried to go to a bigger student union. To no avail when we got to the London School of Economics student union it was even more crowded. At this point my British companions decided to throw in the towel and head home.

There was no way I was going to miss the coverage so I luckily found one other person to keep on the search with me. After finding our way to Piccadilly Circus we ended up in Planet Hollywood of all places. I haven’t been in a room full of so many Americans for awhile and it was really cool to be in the middle of a group of people who were feeling the same thing as you. We didn’t stay there until the end but the entire time we were there it was very exciting. Riding home on the bus everyone was asking me about the results and my mom was calling to let me know how the big states were coming in.

It was really great to see how interested British and European people were in the election. The newspapers were all covering it and the BBC was streaming the coverage on the internet. It was really great to be here for the election because people are so excited for us.
The next night I got to experience Bonfire Night which was really cool. It’s kind of like a 4th of July type of celebration. Unfortunately there are no more big events to keep me procrastinating so I will have no excuse not to do work anymore. Enjoy your week while I read the rest of mine away!


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