Game of the Week: Tome Claney’s EndWar

In Uncategorized on November 13, 2008 at 5:58 am

page7endwarIn the gaming world strategy games are a niche subject.  They are mainly a staple of the hardcore “sit down and watch my day melt away” type gamer do to their complex controls and think ahead style gameplay.  With the introduction of Tom Clancy’s EndWar the status quo seems to be changing.  EndWar takes place in the year 2030 during a third world war, this time Russia, Europe, and the United States are all at each others throats.  The campaign mode allows the player to play as any of the factions.  Using different battalions like riflemen, artillery, tanks, and choppers the player takes on enemies while trying to capture control points.  The control points allow the player to bring in airstrikes, electronic scramblers, or even a non-nuclear WMD.  While most of these factors are familiar to real time strategy games the controls for EndWar are what set it apart.  The entire game can be played through voice command.  The player simply goes through a series of commands to make the on screen battalions do any number of bad -ass duties.  This feature makes EndWar easily accessible and while bringing the player even further into the experience.  So if you have a dad like mine who’s into video games but cant really get the whole buttons on a controller thing down, Tom Clancy and Ubisoft has the problem solved.

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift- PS3
Slip and Slide physics make this all-terrain racer unique but its the crashes that make it entertaining.  Think Jet Moto  for the next generation.

Wii Music- Nintendo Wii
Own a Wii? Finding it to be less fun than you thought it would be? Check out Wii Music, it’ll be cool for about a week.


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