Get Pumped: High School Musical 3 Review

In Uncategorized on November 13, 2008 at 6:04 am

page6musicalWait no longer High School Musical fans! The big screen version of the Disney musical, hit theaters October 24th, and is available for your enjoyment. The gang is back at it again and this time it’s to say goodbye. High School Musical 3: Senior Year is all about the last year for the chipper, dancing, singing bunch. In the movie, the teens stage a spring musical for the school play to depict their experiences throughout high school and their hopes for the future. Surprisingly, having only seen parts of the previous installments, the big screen debut wasn’t half bad!

If you’ve seen the Disney High School Musical movies, you kind of know what to expect. Of course, there is lots of singing, dancing, and corny one liners. You also know that Zac Efron who plays the main character “Troy Bolton,” is every pre-teen and teenage girls fantasy. His long brown hair with bangs in his face make him so dreamy! Wait, what am I saying?! I’m past the teeny bopper years, but boy did Mr. Efron make me want to be a teen in the movie! Though in real life Zac is not a teenager, he is still the object of a teenage girl’s affection. But he’s taken ladies as you know by Vanessa Hudgens who plays “Gabriella Montez,” his sweetheart in the movie. To Gabriella and the rest of the Wildcats gang, Troy is the center of their “East High School,” and everybody loves the basketball playing god! Troy is a multi-talented specimen who can play ball, sing, and dance, there’s nothing he can’t do! But he has a few set backs during the movie.

It’s senior year so all of the characters are excited about graduating and going to college. Troy’s best friend “Chad Danforth” played by wild haired fellow Corbin Bleu, is going to a school where he can keep playing basketball, and everyone else knows where they’re headed after high school except Troy. His high school love Gabriella already knows where she’s going, and it’s not where Troy will be. Gabriella is prepared to leave her BF. and enjoy college, but Troy is confused with where he should go. His father is the captain of the school’s basketball team so of course he wants him to go to school where there is a basketball team. Torn between living his father’s dream and being with his girlfriend, Troy has a decision to make.

The movie did a good job with keeping me entertained, for there was no way you couldn’t enjoy even a sprinkle of the sequel. At an hour and fifty-two minutes, I thought the movie was a bit long, but luckily I have the attention span of a college student who can handle a little length. However, for the seven year old in the theater watching it, it may have been a tad bit too long. Even with the singing and bright colors, it could have been hard to sit through all of that. When the movie was on the Disney channel there were commercials, this time around it’s all in one shot!

Another thing I noticed was the rating of the movie. It was rated as “G,” but maybe the film company should have added a “P” in front of the “G.” There was one scene where Troy comes to Gabriella’s bedroom at night with a surprise. He brings her favorite pizza and get this, chocolate covered strawberries. You see why the “P” needs to come in the picture? Then, after they have downed the pizza, there is one chocolate covered strawberry left on a plate. Troy asks her “Are you going to eat that strawberry?” Gabriella responds no. Troy informs her that she ought to eat it for it could be the best strawberry in the world, but she wouldn’t know because she didn’t eat it. So Gabriella agrees to eat it, but Troy helps her. Troy proceeds to feed her the strawberry and Gabriella adds a nice long “Mmm” as she tastes it. Yes, that’s right! Where’s that “P” when you need it?

Despite the strawberry tasting session, the movie was bearable. I am not a crazy High School Musical fan with Zac Efron pictures on my wall, but out of curiosity I was a movie goer who wanted to see what all the hype was about. As the first movie’s theme song says “We’re all in this together!” Mission accomplished. Now I can go back to being a grown up!


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