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Arcadia’s Own Miss Majestic answers ALL of your questions about love, life, and the library.

Dear Ms. Majestic,
My roommate is suffocating me with SMOKE! When we met during Transfer Orientation I had no idea that she smoked but she seemed really cool so I asked her to be my roommate. AT the beginning of the semester she told me she only smoked when she was stressed out and now it seems like she’s stressed out everyday. She smokes outside but when she comes inside, it’s as if the cigarette was still stuck to her lips. I HATE THE STENCH! Like really…it’s disgusting. I smell it on our couch and it doesn’t come out. I don’t have any medical conditions but I don’t want my life to be shortened but inhaling her bad habits. Other than smoking, she’s a fabulous girl. What should I do?
Secondhand Smoker

Dear Secondhand,
I know exactly what you mean when you mentioned the stench that returns when your roommate comes back from smoking. For some odd reason, the scent just carries. I don’t know what its like to have a roommate that you really love hanging out with but who has a terribly (and life-altering) bad habit but I know what its like to feel helpless in stressful situations-which I suppose is how your roommate feels. You said she only smokes in stressful situations and maybe she really is going through something and smoking is the only relief. If you confront her about the smoking and point the blame at her instead of trying to help her deal with it, it may get worse. Try talking to her. Even though you’re having a hard time dealing with her habit, unlocking the reason why she’s smoking may cure the entire situation. And if she’s as cool as you say she is, everything from there will go smoothly.

Dear Ms. Majestic,
Someone is stealing my panties! Sounds crazy I’m sure but someone in my suite is stealing my panties.  What the hell am I supposed to do?
Panty Victim

Dear Victim,
The only logical thing to do is tell someone. Tell your RA or AA about it because maybe they have some definite solutions. BUT before you go around accusing people of raiding your drawers, figure out how you realized your undies weren’t there. Did you recently do laundry? What exactly do these panties look like? Could they be hidden from your eye’s view? Not that you should keep an inventory of what your panties look like but you should be able to identify which ones are missing and if you can’t do that, try cleaning up. They could be right under your nose!
-Ms. Majestic


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