Sex and Candy

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Sex, Sex, and MORE SEX
Have you ever stopped to wonder just how many kinds of sex you can have? No, I’m not talking about how many positions you can twist your body into. (Although if you can turn yourself into a pretzel, let me know!)   There are countless reasons for having sex. If you just started counting, stop that, and if you finished counting, well you need to experience more!

LoveMaking: Sex for love.  A beautiful human interaction.  Expressing how you feel through touching, groping, and being “together.” Nothing says love like being hot and sweaty tangled together for hours and hours.

Break Up: Sex because you just broke up. This has its up and downs.  If they are a good lay, it’s a great last hurrah, but otherwise you might just want to collect the stuff they just threw out the window and book it! It can complicate matters, you want them to leave because you are truly done with them, but they want to stay because they still want you. The best break up sex though, when you both know it’s over and just really want one last roll in the hay. In which case it’s probably a little rough and dirty, just to get any left over feels out of your system, of course.

Make Up: Sex to show you love each other again. *ROLLS EYES* You’re sorry, they’re sorry. So you go at it. It’s good, it’s passionate and usually full of pent of emotions. Rough here, soft and sweet, to normal, just to feel the sense of being together.
Reunion: Sex because you haven’t seen each other in a long while.  Mad, crazy, longing, and yearning. You can’t stop touching because if you do they may disappear again. Using every surface possible to go at it, regardless of the consequences. Sex every which way, emotions flowing (along with other things!)  Enjoying each other in every manner possible.

Group: Groups sex, as Wikipedia defines it, may involve three or more people of any gender or sexual orientation. Did you know that humans aren’t the only ones who have group sex? Animals like bighorned sheep and bonobos also participate in group sex. Group sex has it’s advantages. Lots and lots of parts to play with and touch, never ending activity, always something or one to do! Just watch the jealousy, none of that is needed here.

Phone: Simulating sex on the phone. It’s late, you’re horny, your partners horny, and you’re miles apart. Find a private spot with good signal and tell them all the naughty things you want to do. Go ahead and have some fun with yourself, let them know you’re “thinking” about them. Just watch where you are because walls are very thin and avoid using home phones, because you don’t REALLY want Mom to interrupt that conversation!

Cyber: Simulating sex online.  Very much like phone sex, but using the computer.  This is also great for some relatively safe fun with strangers. No touching of people you don’t know, but lots of touching yourself. Just be careful, computers weren’t made to have fluids on them, so play nice.

Public: Sex in public. Risky, dangerous, full of excitement. If you love having people watch this is for you! Try having it in discrete locations first, until you get the hang of it. Like parking lots, or public restrooms (You may want to lock the door….or not). If you want to be more adventurous, try someplace where there is a lot of expose like a park, or an open baseball field.  I might suggest to keep at least your shoes on, if the cops come you don’t want to worry about tying up your laces!

Quicky: Sex very fast.  Only have twenty minutes before class? Don’t know when your roommate is coming home? Well jump on it already! Get going. Have sex and quick.  Foreplay is nice, but when it cums down to it, get the job done.  Or if you want to combine types of sex have a quicky public sex. Try an elevator.  Not a lot of time, but a lot of pleasure. Get in on the bottom floor and hit the top floor button and go to town. (Though this won’t work on campus, there are only three floors anywhere and no one likes a one pump chump).  Quickies are great for those of us with very busy schedules. As I sometimes say, “WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU MA’AM!”

There are lots and lots of other types, but if I keep going I’m not going to have time for any of them! Haven’t tried something and you want to? If you have a partner, talk to them about it. If not, go to town and find out what really turns you on!

*Kiss Kiss*
Sex and Candy


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