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A Brief Look at New Meda


When you have a debut album as big as Bloc Party did the rest of your career can be an uphill battle.  After the huge success of Silent Alarm (hit single, commercials, video game… the list goes on) their sophomore release Weekend in the City got tons of hype but failed to deliver the relevant Brit-rock Bloc Party have been known for.  On Intimacy, Bloc Party combined the whirlwind rock of Silent Alarm with some of the atmospheric drone of Weekend in the City.  The result is a thumping album of jittery rock with tales of life in London.


The clubs must be on fire, T-Pain is back with some new jams.  If you don’t know T-Pain here’s a quick recap.  In 2005 T-Pain, who was a rapper, needed to find some success.  Thanks to a computer program known as Auto-Tone, T-Pain found fame as a singer (not really though).  Auto-Tone took T-Pain’s shitty voice and turned it into a robotic sounding cyber R&B hit.  With Thr33 Ringz T-Pain brings more of the same.  Big beats, big hooks, and a sense of leather clad style (he wears a top hat people).  So if you’ve ever imagined C3P0 holding a forty, wearing grills, and hanging out with Plies, then Thr33 Ringz is the freak show for you.


Anyone who has seen the commercial for Role Models knows there something just a little off with the movie.  It looks like Seann William Scott is in a funny movie, and he’s not playing Stiffler.  In Role Models, Scott along with Paul Rudd (Knocked-Up) end up mentoring kids for community service.  The combination of Rudd, Scott, and Christopher “McLovin” Mintz-Plasse mesh together in comedy harmony, but they seem to be overshadowed slightly by middle-schooler Bobb’e J. Thompson. Role Models promises some hilarity and tons of one-liners to quote with your friends.


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