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page4lifelinlondonAfter the glorious week spent sleeping and doing some reading it was back to reality this past Monday. Monday not only brought a new week of classes; it was also the day I had to hand in my first bit of coursework. I was actually way more prepared to hand in my work this past Monday than I have ever been to hand in anything in my entire life. I had my cover sheet ready, the entire thing was printed, collated and stapled. I put it in my folder and even packed my stuff for school the night before. I was so ready.

When I got to class I took notes and really enjoyed discussing “Paradise Lost” in my seminar. Afterwards I got the tube with one of my friends and thought I had had a great day. Needless to say that was not the case. I found myself seven stops away from my school on the Circle line, which happens to be the slowest line in the entire tube, and I realized I never handed in my coursework. Of course the most practical thing to do at that moment was cry and freak out so I did that. Getting off at the next stop I embarked on a taxi hailing adventure finally getting one after standing in the pouring rain for twenty minutes.

At this point the deadline for submission has nearly passed and I am a second away from hyperventilating. As we pulled up to the main building I ran out of the taxi and up to the English department so fast I almost took down an old lady in my rush. Luckily when I got there I was able to hand it in but it was just a terrible time. The woman asked me why I was running late, the only answer I had was blatant stupidity. She just said “fair enough.”

After that little incident I was very on edge. This coming Monday I have an essay due in that is 40 % of my grade. I am so terrified of this that I am nearly beside myself with fear. At least I also found out that my British counterparts are just as scared; that helped a little. So while all of my flat mates run around London this weekend I will be in my room writing a paper about how family dramas shape Victorian texts. I can’t really complain though; after all school work is the reason I came here.

It’s weird to think that after this paper I don’t have any work to hand in or any exams until January. I am so conditioned to do homework every week and hand it in that this is completely warping my idea of things. Well I should continue my productivity and move it along to my paper so I don’t spend my Sunday night cramming last minute thoughts into incoherent sentences.

Every hour I spend here seems to go by ten times as fast as it would if I were at Arcadia. Even right now I feel like I have only just gotten here and the semester is nearly over. Four weeks from today I will be at home on my couch with my family preparing for Christmas and studying for my exams. Hopefully the time is going by just as fast at home; it’s just so hard to comprehend how I will manage to do all of the work expected in the next few weeks, but oh well. If you’re feeling stressed just remember that you get a Thanksgiving break!


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