Game of the Week: Resistance 2

In Uncategorized on November 20, 2008 at 10:25 pm

page7resistanceThe whole war against some crazy alien race taking over the world thing is a big deal on consoles.  Games like Unreal and Halo brought the idea into popularity while others like Gears of War and Half-Life brought it into its prime.

When the first Resistance (Fall of Man) launched with the Playstation 3, developer Insomniac (Twisted Metal: Black is one of my all time favorites) took the general formula and tweaked it just enough in the right places,  not to mention the addition of hordes of kick ass weapons, to make PS3’s only legit launch title.  In Resistance 2 the story of the first is picked right up.  You play Lt. Nathan Hale an American soldier infected by the deadly Chimeran virus, but unlike the masses, Hale’s body resists the infection, giving him the heightened physical abilities of the Chimera while maintaining his humanity, for now.  In the second installment Hale is brought back to America to help cripple the mass of Chimera making their way across the nation.  Insomniac amped up pretty much everything from the last game to come up with an experience of perfect story telling and stunning visuals.

Resistance 2 looks a lot less like the alternate World War II you play through in the first game. With that said the colors and attention to detail make the art style and graphics some of the most solid on the PS3.  Another strong point is the scarily intelligent A.I. who constantly try to out flank, out maneuver or out think you as you play through the grit heavy levels, not to mention some pretty cool boss fights.   Guns like the “tag, you’re it” Bull’s-eye appear again along with a revamped version of favorites like the Auger, and the M5A2 Carbine, but unlike the first Resistance the emphasis isn’t on ammo but on weapon choice since the player is only allowed to carry two weapons at a time.   Other guns like the midrange Marksman and brutal saw gun Splicer are fun new additions that work better in a combo than on their own.

Insomniac also revamped their duck and cover system making the gameplay even faster than the blistering pace of Fall of Man.  Online you can either go into one of the huge multiplayer games (try 60 players….totally insane) or the online co-op where you play as different characters in the same universe.  If you own a PS3 I suggest you get 60 bucks together, take the weekend off from studying or work (as if you needed another reason) and enjoy an enthralling white-knuckle experience you won’t be able to Resist.

Animal Crossing: City Folk-Wii

Characters interact with a cartoonish city the same way they did on a farm in previous games.  The selling point is Wii Speak, which allows players to talk while playing on the internet.  Just remember, Skype is free and about as entertaining.

Gears of War 2- XB360

While I don’t have a 360 I can tell  you this.  Gears of War 2 is the front runner for game of the year. Just go get it.


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