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Dear Ms. Majestic,

I really like this girl. She’s really smart and she’s taught me so much. She’s really pretty and I don’t even think she knows it. She makes me laugh all the time and she even laughs at my jokes. My friends think she’s cool too but they think that she’s out of my league. When we see each other on campus it’s like there’s a connection—like I just feel it when she looks at me. The problem is I don’t know what I should do about it. I mean…she is my professor. What do I do?
-Student in Love

Dear Student,

WOW! I actually am speechless. First let me tell you that the feelings you have for your professor are not wrong. Thousands of students each year develop romantic feelings of some sort for faculty or staff members they interact with on a regular basis. As far as how you deal with the situation, there’s only one happy solution. You can NOT have a romantic relationship with a professor. I’m not sure if there are some written rules about it but I know for a fact that it looks really bad on the professor’s behalf. My guess is that this woman is more than a few years older than you, so a relationship with her would be pretty extreme even if she wasn’t your teacher. I think the only safe thing for you to do is leave her alone. That’s probably hard for you to hear and you probably don’t plan on following this advice, but know that dealing with her on any level past platonically is dangerous. Weigh your options—what may seem perfect just may not be.
-Ms. Majestic

Dear Ms. Majestic,

I’m an exec board member for a club in campus and we’re having some issues. The president of our club is really supportive but he’s also really good friends with everyone else on the board. He doesn’t like rocking the boat so he doesn’t like making hard decisions or telling people what to do. It’s kind of weird because as the president you would think that the person is prepared to do whatever it takes for the club but he cares more about his friendships than the club. I don’t know what to say to him because he’s my friend too and I don’t want to hurt his feelings. How do I deal with him? I care about the club and that’s my priority, but I don’t want to lose my friends either.
-Executive Friend

Dear Friend,

This is a sticky situation. If you’re too harsh, you may just lose your friends but if you don’t address the issues, the club will suffer. You have to find a happy medium and the only way is to talk to your friend. He probably has no idea that what he is doing is not only hurting your friendship but harming the club. Have a serious but light conversation with him and let him know how you feel. Tell him how his behavior is affecting the club and its members. Make sure you aren’t stern because it may come off that you’re only looking out for yourself and not the club. Whatever you do, make sure you keep your friendship intact. Good luck!
-Ms. Majestic


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