Opinion: Forget the Sexism, Palin Simply Was Not Qualified

In Uncategorized on November 20, 2008 at 11:47 pm

page3palinIn politics, there is much going on with Barack Obama and him transitioning to the White House. At this point, it is obvious to everyone that Obama will be the face of the Democratic Party for at least the next four years. But what about the GOP? Sarah Palin has emerged as the new face of the Republican Party.

From the time she was announced as John McCain’s running mate to now, there has been a lot of curiosity about the governor of Alaska. Along with this curiosity came the other unavoidable side of politics: criticism.

Her wardrobe, her family, her accent, and her experience as an Alaskan governor were all scrutinized soon after she accepted the offer to become the first female vice-presidential nominee of the Republican Party. The Republicans that remained faithful to Palin have complained that the treatment she received from the press has been sexist. To them and others it seemed like the only reason Palin was treated the way she was is because of her gender.

Throughout the time that Palin has been a part of the election, the reasons the so-called liberal media has been hounding her with questions isn’t due to her gender. When you are running for the second-in-command of the United States, scrutiny comes with the job. The simple fact of the matter was that Palin was unqualified for the Vice Presidency. She didn’t know important facts, wasn’t prepared for important questions, and couldn’t tell you what the Bush Doctrine was.

I know it sounds good to blame the media for Palin’s short comings, but this was the same person who defended her foreign policy experience by being able to see Russia from her house. Then, in place of the real answers, Americans got Palin bragging about eating moose burgers, and stories about being the mayor of a town whose city hall looked like a laundromat. I can keep going. The main idea here is that Sarah Palin was not qualified to begin with.

The interviews and $150,000 shopping spree showed the lack of judgment the McCain campaign had. The end results are no surprise. What the future holds for Sarah Palin is uncertain, but if there is one thing she did show us, it’s that she is ambitious, and she won’t be going away anytime soon.

palin started out as a long shot to save the McCain campaign when he needed a running mate. He needed Palin to get more conservative and evangelical voters but, in the process, lost many of the moderates that Obama was able to pull over to his side.

Her failure in this election is not due to her gender; to say  that would be an insult to the intelligence of American women. We are smart enough to see that Palin was not ready for the job. She was in way over her head, and the questioning that the press did shed light into a shoddy campaign. Here is a hypothetical situation: What if instead of Obama getting the nomination, Hillary Clinton won it? How would republicans have responded?

Although McCain kept it clean, there were more than a few instances of racist remarks at McCain and Palin rallies, plus a huge among of Republicans that actually believed that Obama was a Muslim (God forbid!).

So before you jump on the liberals and, the media that they supposedly reside in, ask yourself if things would have been different, or worse, if Hillary Clinton was in Palin’s shoes.

  1. I miss Palin- she made me laugh and forget all the troubles of this economy. Gender had nothing to do with her loss!

  2. Vera your are absolutely right, she did make me laugh.
    But Seriously, everyone knows sexist reporting had nothing to do with it. But we all know its easier to blame someone else then to acknowledge your own shortcomings.

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