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A Brief Look at New Media


In 2006 Taylor Swift did something you don’t see much of today.  Her debut album sold 3 millions physical copies, and at 18 she dominated the boys club that is Nashville.  Now two years later, Swift opens up her book of secrets on Fearless.  The album is packed with Swift’s pop power and the southern drawl that keeps things “down home.”  The best part the scorching hot Swift isn’t only a pretty face (or a killer bod).  Her songwriting talent seems infinite and the fact that she plays her own instruments packs twice the sexy.  Songs like “Fearless” and “The Best Day” are crafty pop tracks minus the bubble gum, while others like “Hey Stephen” sound like they jumped off the pages of Swift’s diary.


I’m going to let a Philadelphia crowd do my review of Nickelback’s latest album Horse Shit….I mean Dark Horse. At the 2001 Y100 (R.I.P) Feastival Nickelback came on second right after Lit (yes, Lit). After about two songs Nickelback lead dickhead Chad Kroeger started yelling at a fan in the front row.  (The exact phrase I couldn’t make out but I’m sure it was something really clever…) Kroeger then proceeds to say, “Get this asshole outta here.” So security pulls the fan out of the front row, and the crowd immediately starts giving Kroeger the business.  From that point on the crowd booed Nickelback before during and after every song.  Later on Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus commented on it saying something along the lines of  “Man, you guys were rough on those Canadians.” (it’s hard to remember back to 2001)  What’s the moral of the story?  Fuck Nickelback.


In the first James Bond movie not to be based of the iconic book series Daniel Craig returns as a Bond on the edge as much as ever.  For the 22nd installment to the series, Casino Royale Producer Michael G. Wilson came up with the plot in which Bond seeks revenge for the death of Vesper Lynd.  It looks like Quantum of Solace is doing the same thing to James Bond that the Dark Knight did to Batman; it’s showing a hero as a human.  Craig is a solid Bond and the movie looks to up the action in the series.  I won’t say anymore, expect a review next issue.


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