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The Tower’s weekly round-up of quirky, interesting and mildly relevant news.

Man Escapes Prison in Box

According to the BBC News, a 42-year-old Turkish citizen had escaped a German prison by mailing himself out: Express. The convicted drug dealer had been serving a seven year sentence in the prison. He too soon decided to make a mad dash for it out! A manhunt is underway in western Germany for the man who escaped unnoticed.

The BBC discovered that the convict had been making stationery with other prisoners destined for the shops and, at the end of his shift, the inmate climbed into a cardboard box and was taken out of prison by express courier. The escapee cut a hole in the box and jumped out of the truck that was carrying packages. The driver alerted the police after he noticed the box flapping in the breeze!

Today, his whereabouts are still unknown. Chief warden of the prison, Beate Peters, told the BBC, “This is an embarrassing incident. He must have had accomplices outside the prison. We have no idea where the fugitive is hiding. We assume that he is still in the country and is lying low before making his move.” Employees at the prison have been complaining for the past few years that they need to beef up security and that the government needs to provide them with guards. For now, the prison will have to deal with one of their prisoners literally being shipped out!

-Elishia Peterson

Blue Man Group Opens School

Looks like the famous “Blue Man Group” is doing more than painting themselves in shiny blue paint, miming, and playing instruments. The performance artists Chris Wink, Phil Stanton, and Matt Goldman, who have made a name for their troupe worldwide, have since decided to take their off-Broadway stardom and go back to school.

According to The New York Post, the Blue Men have opened a private elementary school in the East Village of New York that uses black lights, yards of plastic tubing and a padded “wonder room” with a light-up floor to stimulate thinking. “It isn’t that we just think that teaching the arts would be nice. What all the professions out there need are creative thinkers and good collaborators,” said Chris Wink.

He and the other Blue Men occasionally come to the school as instructors and teach the kiddies to be creative problem solvers. There are certified teachers who instruct the students but don’t wear the blue paint. Though they do encourage their students to say good morning in foreign and fictitious languages when they come to school! The blue and bald men, along with their wives, started the Blue School back in September, with 61 kids in kindergarten and early-childhood classes. The New York Post reported that the independent school is set to grow by a grade each year through fifth grade.

But get this: tuition for the whole year is set at an astonishing $27,300 for kindergarten and first grade students! That’s a college education right there. With 27G’S, I bet the parents will be feeling “blue” by the end of the school year.

-Elishia Peterson

Man Arrested for Stealing Communion Wafers

A Connecticut man allegedly tried to steal communion wafers during a service. 33-year-old Samuel Ricci of Canton grabbed a handful of wafers from the priest during communion at St. de Porres Catholic Church in Jensen Beach. He was cornered by fellow churchgoers and the police were called. Deputies showed up and arrested Ricci. He was charged with theft, disruption of a religious assembly, and two accounts of simple battery as two churchgoers received minor injuries during the scuffle. He was being held at $2,000 bond at the Martin County Jail. The motive for trying to steal communion wafers remains unknown, but one can bet the Lord wasn’t pleased.

-Gina Merlino

Free Viagra for South of the Border

Viva Viagra! That is what men are saying in Mexico. Viagra and other impotence drugs are being given out for free in Mexico City to men 70 and older. Mayor Marcelo Ebrard says that sexuality “has a lot to do with quality of life and our happiness” and is therefore implementing the plan. On December 1st, the government will start handing out doses. There will be three centers where the pills will be distributed and men will be examined before receiving the pills. These centers specialize in sexual health for the elderly.

-Gina Merlino


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