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page4londonIt’s been awhile since I’ve last relayed the hectic goings on of my life in London. In the past month I had to leave my family and my puppies back in the United States and take the flight back across the pond only to return to exams! After finally getting through exams, and almost certainly single-handedly ruining my GPA, I have embarked on a new set of courses that force me to spend ungodly amounts of time in the library. Oddly enough, I am starting to feel like the student I came here to be. I have a membership at two University of London libraries and I have 4,000 words about John Milton under my belt, so I’m feeling a bit less like an imposter in this academic setting.

Last weekend I took my first trip for leisure to visit friends in Ireland. Traveling on economy flights is always thrilling to me; I think it’s something about picking your own seats. This term I hope to be able to take a few trips around England and Scotland; it’s a bit shameful that I’ve spent almost a year of my life in England and I’ve never properly looked around anywhere but London. I am very excited about one of the Arcadia scheduled trips that is basically a Jane Austen weekend. It probably makes me sound very sad, but I have been waiting to go on a Jane Austen weekend forever; the hunt for Mr. Darcy is always underway!

As I write this I can’t believe that January is basically over and February will soon be underway…it will already be underway by the time you read this. The idea of a year abroad is so daunting until you are there and everything goes by so fast. This semester I plan to work a lot harder but also do some more fun and exciting things. My entire floor has banded together and decided we will begin to make weekly visits to different museums and tourist haunts in the city. It’s already in the back of my mind that in a few short months I will be on my way home. In the next few months I look forward to making the most of this beautiful city, visiting some interesting places, most notably Morocco and the Netherlands, and turning 21 on St. Patrick’s Day! Put together with all of the studying I have in store, I should be very busy up to the day I leave. Already thinking ahead a bit, I’m currently on the search for grad schools in the UK and then there’s where I’ll be living at Arcadia next year. Well now I’m off to collect a former FYSAE friend that is visiting from Italy. I look forward to a weekend ahead of reminiscing about freshman year, which seems like it was yesterday when we first came to London.


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