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23-year-old crowned Wing Bowl Champ

Every Friday before the Super Bowl, sports-talk station WIP-AM sponsors a chicken wing contest. This year at the Philadelphia Wing Bowl no professional eaters were allowed to enter the contest, but organizers say they’ll be back next year. So this year was the year of the underdog. John Squibb, a 23 year old of Berlin, New Jersey, took the title of chomping down the most wings. Nicknamed Super Squibb, he ate 203 wings in about 20 minutes! Not bad for someone who did not have a lot of experience in eating a mass of yummy chicken wings. Squibb’s stomach may have felt a little bubbly after the contest but his pockets definitely benefitted from the good eatin’. He walked away with a spanking new car, a $7,500 diamond ring, and a crown of miniature chickens! One of Super Sqibb’s opponents, Richard “Not Rich” Razzi, came in second by eating 180 wings, not bad at all. But Squibb is the champ, the chicken champ that is.

-Elishia Peterson

Toddler Chokes on Condom

A family from Massachusetts is filing a lawsuit against a hotel in New Jersey after their 22 month old son chocked on a condom. According to the Philadelphia Daily News in an article written by Jason Nark, the Wolfe family was staying at the Homewood Suites in Mount Laurel, Burlington County, preparing to continue their journey home from Florida. The morning of January 3rd, the Massachusetts family was caught by surprise before they left the hotel. The toddler was thought to have been watching TV on the couch, but it turns out, according to the lawsuit filed, that he had found a used condom that had been there before the family checked in, and put it in his mouth. The toddler’s mother, Amy Wolfe, noticed he was choking and came to his rescue, but it was a bit too late, for the toddler had swallowed the contents. The baby boy had to go through many tests and still does to ensure he did not contract any sexually transmitted diseases like HIV or AIDS. The Wolfe’s attorney, Norm Hobbie, said of the family’s anguish, “It’s an extremely sensitive time for them.” Daily News writer Jason Nark uncovered that the Homewood Suites did not return any phone calls or emails for their comments on the lawsuit filed January 29th.

-Elishia Peterson

Man demands breast implant back

Call it revenge of the ex. One woman had to experience it in cruel and unusual circumstances. A 26-year-old woman was stabbed six times by her ex-boyfriend because he wanted her breast implants that he paid for back. Thomas Lee Rowley, 28, attempted to cut them out. He is now on trial for false imprisonment, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, and stalking. The woman has survived the stab wounds and her chest was repaired. Rowley apparently thought he had the right to do this. “I’m gonna cut em’ out and get em’ back.”

-Gina Merlino

Sister tears wedding apart

Weddings can be stressful enough, but then there is the question of who to invite. For one woman, not inviting her sister turned ugly. Nicholas Landry and Lori Kappes were having their reception when Kappe’s sister, 23-year-old Annmarie Bricker, showed up uninvited and launched at the new bride, pulling out some of her hair. Bricker was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of battery. Bricker said all she wanted to do was discuss family issues with her parents and sister, but witnesses tell another story. One has to wonder if Bricker had taken the film Bride Wars too literally.

-Gina Merlino


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