Album of the Year

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ColdplayViva la Vida

The alternative British group hopes to be saying “cheers” to themselves if they grab the album of the year award at this year’s Grammies. Coldplay has been that group to watch out for, simply because of their catchy lyrics to songs like “Viva la Vida” which is on the album. And of course props go to lead singer Chris Martin for belting the songs fans love. Can Coldplay get their hands on the Grammy?

page6lilwayne2Lil WayneThe Carter III

Weezy Baby has had quite a year with his hits off of his album, such as “Lollipop”, “Got Money”, and “Mrs. Officer”, among many others. The New Orleans native has been dubbed one of the best rappers alive by some, and he continues to make his presence known by hopping on other artists tracks and spitting fire. So, does Mr. Carter have what it takes to cop the Grammy? We’ll see.

page6neyoNe-Yo- The Year of the Gentleman

The song writer and singer had a big year due to his ability to write hit songs for himself and other artists. Ne-Yo had the radio on lock down when he released his songs “Closer”, and “Miss Independent”, and he has no intentions of stopping. The soulful and stylish gentleman knows just what he’s doing when he opens his mouth to sing to the ladies. Let’s wait and see if his vocals are enough to get a Grammy.

page6robertplantRobert Plant and Alison KraussRaising Sound

70’s hard rocker Robert Plant is back on the scene to see if age is nothing but a number. Accompanied by  country singer Alison Krauss, the pair get together and make versatile songs that young and old listeners might enjoy. Plant strives to get the gold with Led Zepplin swagger while Krauss floats to the top with her smooth delivery.

page6rainbowsRadioheadIn Rainbows

Radiohead are not newbies to this music game but their most recent album is a new taste and sound to this year’s award show. The group collaborated on songs and tried to keep their fans happy with their music. Like the other artists in this category, Radiohead too has had their eyes on the golden statue.


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