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Arcadia’s own Miss Majestic answers ALL of your questions about love, life, and the library!

Dear Ms. Majestic,
How come I seem to be the only person who thinks that sitting with people in the dining hall that I don’t know is a good way to make new friends? Sometimes when I go into the Dining Hall before my my hallmates or frineds get there, I’ll find a few people that I don’t know and grab a seat. I don’t like sitting by myself and the people I usually eat with are late a lot. Arcadia isn’t a big place, but I really like meeting new people and I don’t see a real problem with it. On the other hand, my friends all think I’m crazy. What’s the big deal?
New Friender

Dear New,
No, you’re not crazy. You are one of the very few people who is brave enough to go up to a table of semi-strangers and say hello. In college, all of that stuff seems to be really peculiar, especially when your reputation is on the line. Your friends will have to get used to your friendliness or learn to be on time for meals and you have every right to let them know, if indeed that’s how you feel. People are hard to please so if you feel comfy meeting new people, by all means, meet them and tell your friends to shove it.

Ms. Majestic

Dear Ms. Majestic,

My brother is a serious player. I’ve heard so many stories about the girls he’s hooked up with and dated. its ridiculous. I had to listen to him say really mean things to his girlfriends over the phone and I feel bad for them…they’re actually interested in a such a loser. It’s a real shame. The major issue is that now my roommate likes him. When he helped move me in, she claims that they made a connection and she was bugging me for his number when school started. She found him on Facebook and now she’s all over him. When I went home for break, I asked him about her and he acted as if she didn’t even exist. Meanwhile  she thinks he’s really into her! I don’t know what to do. I gave her fair warning and now she’s in too deep. Should I do something?
Unhappy Bromance

Dear Unhappy,
The answer to your question is yes. The only thing you should do is mind your business. You said you gave your roommate a fair warning and that’s all were required to do since you knew that your brother wasn’t looking for anything serious in her. Both your roommate and your brother are adults and you should let them mess up on their own.You don’t have an obligation to either of them and hopefully karma will put everything in its place. Now go out and enjoy life!

Ms. Majestic


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