The Scramble

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A brief look at new media

page7bruceOn his third album this decade, The Boss heads back toward his pop roots.  With the triumph of Barack, Springsteen brings back the flavors and layers of his earlier work with Working on a Dream, straying away from the Bush era skeletal folk.  The layered wall-of-sound is soaked with Springsteen’s blue-collar voice.  Lyrically, Bruce strays away from the idea of the everyman, but revisits it through a host of characters and musical flavors.  Songs like “Outlaw Pete” and “Working on a Dream” are sprawling and layer, vintage Bruce while other tracks like “Queen of the Supermarket” take different routes to get the point across.  The sound is bigger, the message is the same, and The Boss is still The Boss.


The ninth album from Brooklyn psychedelic noisemakers Animal Collective marks a blurry focal point in the band’s evolution.  Like The Grateful Dead, Animal Collective have cut out some of the hard edges to fall into warmer, smoother trips through their sonic wonderland.  Merriweather Post Pavilion still has its share of awkwardly arranged acid tracks, but Animal Collective transcended their niche for the most part.  “Brothersport” is a vat of melodies all swirled into one and other songs like “Summertime Clothes” simply trampoline off the eardrum with perfection.


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