Weezy puts the horns up on new rock disc… WTF

In Uncategorized on February 5, 2009 at 4:59 pm

page7wtfBefore during and after the release of his highly acclaimed 2008 album Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne was slowly but surely straying away from the style that made Tha Carter II so insane when it was released in 2005.  The mix tapes had vintage Weezy cuts mixed in with the new party jams and abstract rambles like “A Milli”.  With all that said, Tha Carter III is a sweeter but no less interesting or successful version of Lil Wayne.  On April 7th Weezy is set to drop another album and a definite departure from his down south hip-hop roots.

Rebirth will be, unbelievably enough, a rock record.  Yes, grills and all, Lil Wayne is dropping a rock album.  The first single “Prom Queen” leaked a week or two ago only to be announced as the first single in the last few days.  My first thought was “Well I’ve seen Weezy holding a guitar, not really playing it and he has some songs with rock samples maybe he’ll just lean on that aspect a little more.” My second was “He must be high as a kite.” My first thought was wrong.  “Prom Queen” has a distorted riff, rock drums and sparsely placed keys with Weezy singing ala “Lollipop” over the new background.

In the past we’ve seen the combination of rap and rock go both great and miserable.  I mean who doesn’t like Run-DMC and Aerosmith’s version of “Walk This Way” or Rage Against the Machine’s metal rap fusion? Hell, Linkin Park even sounded good with a little help from Jay-Z, but then there were problems like Limp Bizkit or any other Nu-Metal band (sans Korn).  Granted, Lil Wayne takes a radio-ready pop/rock formula and, by adding his name to it, gives it even more appeal.  Who knows, maybe it’ll work out for him.

First it’ll be a Rock Band track pack, then a spot on Letterman, followed by a tour with Metallica where he does a guest spot on “Master of Puppets”.  Could you imagine Lil Wayne jamming out with Dave Matthews on a summer stop in Camden?  The possibilities are endless, and hilarious, but Rebirth is no joke.  Weezy is stretching his influence into an uncharted place; hopefully he doesn’t stretch it too far.


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