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page4london1Every week I sit down and try to think of the most exciting things I can share with the Arcadia community about my life abroad and, to be honest, I feel bad most of the time because it may not be nearly exciting enough. This week was full of commotion but as far as my weeks go, not necessarily my most productive, which isn’t really that surprising. This week I was lucky enough to have not just one, but two snow days

I’m sure you may have seen it in the news; London was literally shut down by the largest snowfall to hit the city since the early 90’s. Being used to winter in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, the snow was pretty heavy, but not a monumental occasion in my eyes. This week I was lucky enough to have one of my friends studying in Italy come up for the weekend. We were FYSAE together so it was really fun to have her here for a little bit. We visited some of our favorite old places and did plenty of shopping. When the snow began on Sunday, night we were a bit panicked but after fighting with the local taxi agency, got her to the train on its way to the airport for a reasonable fee. Having waited up to help her get to the airport after the bus service had been suspended, I passed out once she went.

To my horror, at 6 a.m. my phone rang and all flights out of London had been canceled. The worst part was that her Italian phone battery had died and there was literally no way from the airport back to London. Trying to get back to sleep for a few more hours, I was very displeased when a loud banging on my door woke me up about two hours later.
Sometimes living with mostly freshmen makes me feel really old and a bit like a child minder. That morning was definitely one of those times. My flat mates were banging on my door, essentially ripping me out of bed in order to drag me out into the fresh snow. I like snow as much as the next person, but this was not my ideal time to make snow angels, and I knew it would definitely end up with me miserable, covered head to toe in snow. After ignoring the loud barrage of fists hitting my door for as long as I could bear it, I was coerced into joining my ‘children’ in the snow. I did indeed end up completely covered in snow, but I now realize that was imminent.

Later that day, after learning that there was one bus line running from central London to my halls, my friend made it back after a series of unfortunate snow related hurdles. With the city basically dead due to all of the snow, I was pretty excited to have all of my lessons the following day canceled. On Tuesday night, my friend was finally able to get out of London and by Wednesday the city was mostly running normally, but it was a nice little snowcation. I will dearly miss it when I have to go to all of my classes this week, but I’m not too worried. In one weeks time it will be reading week, and I will actually spend it productively with a more proportionate reading to going out ratio. At least I hope!


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