Forget the Roses: Be Practical on Valentine’s Day

In Uncategorized on February 16, 2009 at 2:19 am

page4rosesAs much as many Americans hate to admit it, Valentine’s Day is not about love. The cheesy cards that sing, the spiritless teddy bears covered in red fur and the pounds of cheap chocolate. Oh the chocolate! For most of us, this day is just another excuse to go out of our way to prove to someone how much money we were able to scrap together. And for the select few who will spend the 14th at home wearing sweats and watching a sappy movie, this list if for you.

Here goes nothing… a list of the most practical (and a few you shouldn’t even consider) Valentine’s Day gifts that a woman could ask for.

1.    Pajamas- No, not the lacy string things that the ladies at Victoria’s Secret try to pawn off on you. We’re talking real pajamas. Something so when your lady slips it on she feels warm and cute, all at the same time. Although lingerie is good here and there, she’s not going to wear that thong set everyday. Just not going to happen.

2.    Fruit Bouquets- Flowers die and there is nothing more practical than food. Imagine the look on your lady’s face when she sees a bouquet that is not only pretty but edible at the same time. And if you’re smart, you’ll get the chocolate-covered strawberries. Chocolate is a known aphrodisiac and it just might pay off.

3.    Perfume- Unless you know the exact fragrance that she wears, don’t even bother. Buying your lady beauty products like soap and perfume say one of two things. One- I couldn’t think of anything else. Two- I know you like this so here’s some more of it. Stay as far away from Bath and Body Works as possible and don’t even dare consider some off-brand cosmetics.

4.    Underwear- Almost all women like a great pair of undies to compliment a pair of jeans or to slide on beneath their favorite skirt. It may be hard to resist the urge to buy the things that you really want to see, and there really isn’t any harm in slipping a few of those in the gift box but the number of thongs should be limited. Get her a few pairs of quality panties that are sexy but will cover her entire backside. She’ll appreciate it for sure!

5.    Jewelry- It’s hard to resist jewelry with all of it’s glitz and glitter, but if you fall into the temptation, you’ll be trying to outdo yourself until the end of eternity. Buying a necklace this year means you’ll be buying a ring next year and from there it just gets worse. Remember, a diamond lasts forever and if you don’t plan on sticking around that long, don’t commit that crime.

6.    Clothes- With the assumption that your lady friend isn’t a pure nudist, clothes are far more practical than anything else on this list. If she’s going to start looking for jobs, get her some trendy work wear. If she’s always in pajamas, get her a few pairs of nice jeans. When in doubt, get a gift card but try your best in the women’s department. At least you tried!

7.    Favorite Hobby Goods- Whether she’s a movie buff, a knitter or scrap booker, this gift could definitely win her heart. If she already has a hobby, you can’t go wrong in getting her a basket full of her favorite supplies or things that she’s wanted but would never buy for herself. This will also show how much you’ve been paying attention (or researched) and that will make her feel extra special.

8.    Makeup-This is twice as bad at perfume. When you toss a couple sets of blush and eyeshadow in a woman’s directions, especially if she didn’t ask for it, you could be in real danger. Even thought you may not be trying to, you’re telling her that she needs some sprucing up and something like that could only backfire.

9. Spa treatments–There are millions of women who would die…seriously die to have a little time at the spa. It really doesn’t matter if she’s a woman on the go or just a schlump, she’ll be excited to got to the spa and brag about you to all of her single friends.

10. Adult toys–It’s been said that this day has the highest sales for these types of items but it really is a toss up. Buying the cheap stuff from Spencer’s can make you look pathetic but if she’s not into that kind of stuff, you’ll just look like a tool. Get tactful stuff is she has an adventurous side and stay as far away from The Mood if she’s just not that into it.

Whatever you end up getting, do yourself a favor. Make it personal, original and special; not just for her but for you too. Gifts that work out for both partners are always more fun and they usually create memories that you would have never had with just a vase full of roses.


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