Letter: Bookstore Returns are Underpriced

In Uncategorized on February 16, 2009 at 2:38 am

I was reading your article about Arcadia’s bookstore. And you failed to mention that the bookstore doesnt give a lot of money back to students when buying back their books. As much as the bookstore says they’re not trying to rip us off they are forgetting that when we sell back our books they give us 10% back of what we paid! I can just go back to the community college at home and sell back the same books but get 50-60% back of what I paid. Its just ridiculous how much the bookstore gives us back for books that cost over a $100 then they place them back on the bookshelves for a little less then the new priced. There isnt a balance here and it is most certainly true when you mentioned that its a win or win situation for the univeristy as well as the bookstore. I wish Arcadia would start caring more about its hard paying students and less about the extra money they are making.

-Kristin Castelow, Class of 2012


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