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Drug Designed to
Lengthen Eyelashes

Is prescription medication the future of beauty? A new prescription drug called Latisse, designed to enhance your eyelashes, is now on the market. The beauty solution has been approved for the treatment of hair loss and the product’s maker claims, “it will thicken, darken and lengthen inadequate or skimpy eye lashes”.

Many women are excited about this new cure for eyelash deficiencies and eager to test it out. “I want to be able to look like I have makeup on when I don’t,” says Tammie Wilson of Roswell, Georgia.

Results are a long time coming though, with at least an eight week wait for visible improvement, many people not experiencing the full effect until a whole 16 weeks after they begin the regimen. And if you ever decide to stop taking your eyelash-enhancing pill, the results will be reversed, thus deeming it necessary for the rest of your life to dole out a rather steep $120 every 30 days for a new prescription, in order to maintain your desired eyelash exquisiteness.

First removing all dirt from the face, and then brushing the liquid across the top of the eyelashes with a small applicator, Latisse is expertly administered by a professional doctor. Adverse reactions may most commonly include itching, redness, hyper-pigmentation or a darkening of skin around the base of the eyelashes. It has also been found to help significantly decrease eye pressure in glaucoma sufferers.

With scientific makeup innovations such as these, the advancement in beauty techniques is seemingly endless.

-Teresa Barone

Father and Son
Re-united by

Chris Walker grew up his entire life without knowing his biological father. The only thing he did know about his father was his name- Clayton Hamilton.

When a man named Claiborne Hamilton got a job at the Richmond Police department where Walker worked, he got curious. After some conversations and questioning, Walker learned that Hamilton’s age, where he grew up, and friends he knew all could be possible matches to his long lost father.

To confirm his suspicions, he called his mother asking if she knew a Claiborne Hamilton. At first Walker’s mother insisted that his name was Clayton and not Claiborne, but after Walker asked about Hamilton’s old girlfriend’s nickname, Billy Joe, she knew that Hamilton was his father. “Billy Joe,” was the old nickname of Walker’s mother.

Soon afterwards, Walker called Hamilton to tell him the news. “It shocked me, but I always believed that there may have been a possibility at the time,” Hamilton said in an interview with the Richmond Times Dispatch. “When I first talked to him on the phone, I cried.”

Since then the two have undergone DNA testing to confirm that they are in fact father and son. The two even went in similar directions in their lives, first going into the military and later becoming police officers. Although few could expect that it would lead them to working in the same office where they discovered each other.

-Tyler Peckham

Lance Armstrong
has Bike Stolen

Lance Armstrong’s comeback into the world of cycling hit a snag after he had his bike stolen after the first day of a nine day race in California. The bike was taken from a team truck only hours after Armstrong had finished racing for the day.

This is Armstrong’s second comeback. The first being his famed 1998 return after recovering from testicular cancer that had ultimately spread to his lungs and brain.

Being highly resourceful, Armstrong had posted the theft on his Twitter account on Sunday, February 15 when he realized it was missing. The bike is custom made and is only used by Armstrong for serious time trials. Armstrong’s plea for the bike’s recovery was somewhat less professional, however. “There is only one like it in the world therefore hard to pawn it off. Reward being offered,” he wrote in a request to recover an extremely valuable piece of equipment.

The bikes of Armstrong’s teammates, Janez Brajkovic, Steve Morabito and Yaroslav Popovych were also stolen. As of press date, there has been no word on the status of the bicycles, but if Armstrong can get over cancer that plagued the two most important parts on a man’s body, let’s hope he can get over this bump in the road as well.

-Tyler Peckham


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