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sexandcandy So, with the holiday season past, especially Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of people looking for someone to do. For those of us on the singles circuit, getting our “needs” filled can be tough sometimes. What is one to do? BOOTY CALL. Yes, I’m serious. Get your jollies filled and then go home. There’s nothing wrong with that! Urban dictionary defines a booty call as “A late night summons — often made via telephone — to arrange clandestine sexual liaisons on an ad hoc basis.” Otherwise know as getting laid. As long as you know that it’s a booty call and nothing more.

Follow these signs that it might be a booty call:

1. It’s late at night, usually after 11pm.

2. The other person seems to be under the influence (not the influence of Cupid’s arrow either!)

3. They say things like, “So…my roommates are all out of town….want to hang out?”

4. They also make blunt sexual references… “Me so horny,  me so horny!”

5. Finally, You’ve answered a booty call before and it was GOOOOOOOD!
The key thing to remind yourself, and we’ve all made this mistake, is to not overdo the booty call. It should be used on a URGENT need basis only! Only when you are so horny that masturbating all night will NOT do the job! You don’t want to seem desperate. Really! If you abuse this you are going to get a reputation. Honestly, your roommate is going to leave you a note that says “Really? Again? How much sex can you truly have? For that matter how MANY orgasms can you FAKE?”

Here are some ideas as to how to get a booty call:

1. Talk about sex a lot to someone to see if your sexual interests match.

2. Swap some sexual encounter stories to see if they are willing to have a booty call.

3. Establish that you should “hang out” or “party” sometime.

4. Think of really corny/sexy things to actually say when it’s booty call time: “What are you doing tonight…can it be me?” *wink*

5. Finally, be ready to say, “Want to get laid? Come over.”

Use these tips wisely. You are sure to have a good night. Or maybe several good nights!  Just be sure to keep it strictly to getting booty or you are going to just look sad and pathetic! We don’t want that! What are you waiting for? Get calling!


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