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lifeinlondonGetting back into the swing of things after my week long snowcation has been tough. Adding to my already lackluster approach to studying this past week was a wonderfully enjoyable bout of tonsillitis to knock me right back into my sick routine of sleeping all day and watching the same movies over and over. After finally dragging some antibiotics out of the NHS doctors, I am on the road to recovery just in time to enjoy my reading week.

If you’ve just started to read my column then a) shame on you, you should have been interested in my life last semester and b) you wouldn’t have a clue about the amazing reading week given in the middle of my semester.  To keep it short and sweet it’s a week off from all lessons and you can use it however you please. It is suggested that you do some reading, but most students use it for excess partying and going home. Last semester I did a bit of reading, but unfortunately spent most of my week on the latter. This semester I hope to redeem myself with a ridiculous amount of reading.

My plan is to read two weeks ahead of schedule which I really think I can do if I would just stop sleeping all day. Sleep to me seems to be the blight of the college student. Most of my friends share the same problem with sleep. We either sleep so much that it is completely unhealthy or we sleep so little that it is unhealthy. I try to find that perfect balance, but it doesn’t seem to fit in staying up til 3 a.m. to finish a book or coming home from a night out at 8 a.m. But I won’t give up trying to control my sleep.

Even if I do get my sleeping patterns under control, I’m not sure I will have enough energy for the upcoming weeks. In the beginning of this week I shall be frequenting the library, but Wednesday I will be boarding a train and making a quick trip up to Oxford where one of my fellow ex-FYSAE and Arcadians is studying. This weekend I also have another Arcadian visiting from Ireland! The following week I am going to the theater and then completely indulging my inner English-major/silly girl who loves Jane Austen. I will be going on a Jane Austen themed overnight trip with Arcadia to Bath, which is a main stay of her writing. It is a bit sad, really. I’m imagining a gaggle of girls who all share the same fantasy of finding Mr. Darcy, but I’m sure it will be enjoyable nonetheless. A week after that one, of my best friends from home will be coming over to visit and then after that I have my twenty-first birthday to look forward too!

With the next month’s extremely busy schedule, I really, really need to get a handle on my procrastination and get ahead with my work. I’m sure everyone’s feeling the weight of a massive workload back at AU as well so wish me luck with mine and get your work done too!


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