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Yankee Alex Rodriguez admitts past steriod use

page8footballIn recent years, U.S. professional sports leagues have cracked down on steroid use by their players harder than ever before. In addition to strictly monitoring current and future use by players, some monitoring bodies and leagues have chosen to dig down throughout a player’s entire career to try to find any incidents of past use. Unfortunately, what’s been uncovered is that many “Sports Heros” of our time such as Rodger Clemens, have at one point or another used illegal steroids.  According to Sports Illustrated, who first broke the story, Yankee prodigy Alex Rodriguez is the new addition to the infamous company.

Sources at Sports Illustrated and CBS News say that in 2003, A-Rod tested positive for the steroids Testosterone and Primobolan.  During the time in question, Rodriguez was playing for the Texas Rangers, and was also the 2003 MVP. At the time, however, MLB did not have penalties for steroid use and tests taken were said to be anonymous and confidential.  Confidential, of course, until a Federal intervention in 2004, resulting in the seizure of all files from a lab in California.

Adding to the actual allegations of steroid use against Rodriguez, the other issue at hand seems to be the fact that in a 2007 interview with CBS News anchor Katie Couric, A-Rod avidly denied any use of any steroids at any point throughout his career.  Now that this news has come out, hypocrite is the word best describing the situation, as well as the player, by many New York and baseball fans.

As of press date, A-Rod has refused to comment on the validity of the accusations, however the timing for this story to break couldn’t have been worse.

Starting on March 3, 2009, SF Giants player and “Home-Run King” Barry Bonds will be on Federal trial for accusations that he lied to a grand jury in 2007, when he stated that “he never knowing took illegal steroids.

With all of professional baseball having steroids on the brain due to Bonds’ trial, along with fans’ support faltering, it’s still not a definite whether or not Rodriguez’s career can withstand the scandal this time around. Despite the fact that these allegations are from 6 years ago, and that the incident was officially dealt with back then, the idea that A-Rod had lied to the public is what’s leaving a bad taste in Yankee fans’ mouths.

A-Rod, however, is no stranger to the world of gossip and     scandal in recent years. Due to his increased role as a Celebrity, in addition to just another Athlete, the press have dissected much more than just Alex’s career, and in fact, have speculated about his personal relationships.

In 2008, Us Magazine reported that Madonna’s 7 year marriage to actor Guy Richie was on the rocks, and that she had hosted several “late-night visits” with Rodriguez at her New York City apartment. Nearly at the same time, A-rod’s wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, (upper-right), had begun filing for divorce, based on her husbands “extramarital” activities.  Despite Madonna’s denial of a physical affair, Cynthia’s lawyers insisted that an “affair of the heart” took place between the two, and that was the basis for the disillusionment of the marriage.

Where A-Rod goes from here will take some serious damage control, and very unlikely forgiveness from fans.


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