Special Report: The Inside Scoop on Juicy Campus

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page5girlsArcadia is a University built on diversity and acceptance.  There is a diverse amount of clubs, everything from volleyball to Quidditch. The student body is geographically diverse with students from other countries studying in quiet Glenside, and Arcadia also houses a large LGBTQ community.  The differences in people are supposed to be not only accepted at Arcadia but learned from, like a forum for not only education by books but through life.

Spring break trips to different areas in the United States and around the world work to inform students of the way people live around the world, just like FYSAE and other study abroad destinations do for college life.  On campus, Arcadia celebrates this idea of harmony amongst difference with a symbolic Civility Flag.  But  unfortunately for many students of Arcadia University a website has given others a chance to speak out against the differences they don’t like or can’t understand. Throw in some other personal happenings orpossible facts and you have the dilemma that is Arcadia’s JuicyCampus. is an anonymous gossip website started by 2005 Duke University alum Matt Ivester.  In a New York Times article Ivester talks about JuicyCampus as “gossip 2.0”.  JuicyCampus acts like a virtual bathroom wall according to Ivester a place to write what someone wants about whoever the want.  For example a post might say something like “John Doe banged so and so in the Hienz bathroom last Friday.”  Other prevalent posts are list style like “Top Ten Pot Dealers at (insert school name here).” The site has caused quite a stir in campuses across the nation since its inception in august of 2007, and brought about clone websites in small instances like high schools.  At Arcadia the site has been used one of two ways, for the already mentioned gossip and for all out hatred.   This has been the problem with JuicyCampus in general.  The private gossip, finger pointing, and secrets told haven’t brought flack to the JuicyCampus or Ivester but going beyond intothreats of violence or outright hatred has.

In December of 2007, a student at Loyola Marymount University posted a threat to kill as many people as he could on the campus’ Alumni Mall building.  Resulting in JuicyCampus’s biggest headline to date. At Pepperdine University students moved to block JuicyCampus from the schools servers, other campuses have gone the route of blocking JuicyCampus from their network without a vote, even though it can be seen as a breech of the Constitution’s First Amendment protecting free speech.  Ivester has gone as far as to compare the blocking of JuicyCampus to China’s censoring of the Internet.  All in all, JuicyCampus has name its name on the dismay of the people mentioned on it making its infection of a campus the size of Arcadia University even more surprising.   The schools clashing with JuicyCampuses and Ivester in the headlines have 8,000 or more students as opposed to Arcadia’s smaller more tightly knit 3,600 plus.  The site had been blocked by three schools as of January 2009, Texas Christian University, Tennesee State University, and High Point Unversity.  JuicyCampus expanded over 500 niversities at its pinnacle in late 2008.

JuicyCampus became a problem on Arcadia’s campus causing dean of students Jeff Ewing to bring the issue up to Arcadia’s Student Government Organization, or SGO.  “I did approach SGO to discuss the issue because students had raised it with me and I wanted to see if the students involved with SGO wanted to address it.  The students who spoke to me were concerned about how others were being treated on the site and felt it was something we should address somehow.  From what they shared with me, there certainly seemed to be no positive purpose to the site.” Said Ewing

Unlike at other colleges and universities Arcadia’s issues with the site were resolved without much effort or trouble.  On February 5, 2009 JuicyCampus was shut down due to financial problems effectively ending the sites run at Arcadia or anywhere for that matter.  Some say the site or one like exists at another address but for the most part the online gossip site is dead at Arcadia University for now, but the sting from the things written will be felt for some time for those mentioned.


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